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Why Choose An Ereader?

Why choose an ereader instead of a tablet? Why choose an ereader instead of a "real" book for that matter?


10 Reasons To Buy An E-Reader for Kids

If you are one of those fence sitters who is considering laying down the cash to invest in an e-reader, but you're not entirely convinced of whether this is a good idea or not, read on.

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Book Club - Benefits of an e-reader (showing 1-40 of 40)

40 discussion posts. ThinkinginMiss said: This was my first time using an electronic reader. Although I don't have an e-reader, I downloaded the Kindle ...

500 Reasons to Use Technology

If you love reading so much until you say" there is no day without reading", or if you're a college student that certainly needs many books to do your assignments, try to have an e-reader might be a very good idea. What are actually its benefits?

Why Choose An Ereader
Why Choose An Ereader
Why Choose An Ereader
Who should opt for an ereader rather than a tablet (or a printed book for that matter)? What advantages do ereaders offer?
Why Choose An Ereader

What advantages do ereaders offer users - and why might you prefer one to a tablet or a printed book?

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Why Choose An Ereader

Why Choose An Ereader

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Why Choose An Ebook Reader?

Ebook Reader As A Gift If you know someone who likes to read, an e-book reader would be a great gift choice. These handy devices offer a lot of advantages over old-fashioned hardback and paperback books, so your gift would, most likely, be gratefully received. They are an especially good idea for anyone who travels…