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What Is Image or Photo Sharing Hosting Services

There are a variety of image hosting platforms and photo sharing services you can use for your website to improve user experience.
In this article we will explore the world of image and photo website hosting platforms.
You're on your way to a customized picture and photo sharing solutions experience that your friends and family will thank you for
A user interface you can use to upload images from a local device or from integrated storage services




Lychee is the perfect place to store all your photos. No storage limit, no compression, no loss in data. We even support and display your EXIF and IPTC Metadata. And if you want, you can make your photos public for your audience. With just one click.

Lychee Documentation

We provide three methods to install Lychee: using a Docker image, the latest release .zip or from source, using Composer.
The Lychee gallery has a few system requirements. You will need to make sure your server has the following:
A web server such as Apache or nginx
A database — using one of the following:

lychee Image Website Hosting Services

Hosting Secure Website Hosting for your Image Photo Galleries. Or Securely and Privately show Look at all your images in full-screen mode, navigate forward and backward by using your keyboard or let others enjoy your photos by making them public
Lychee is completely open-source. Everyone can take advantage of the work we have already done and improve it. We are open for every suggestion or help

Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right

Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.

Free Image Resources, Photos Optimizers Color Pickers more

These resources will allow you to find unique fonts, colors, videos, icons and much more.
Free Image Optimizer Tools
Free Image Editors
Free Color Picker Tools
Free Stock Photography
Free Illustrations
Free Fonts
Free Icons
Free Stock Videos
Free Mockup Tools
Free Graphic Design Tools


iGalerie is an open and free PHP application that allows you to create and manage your photo gallery as just that effectively.

Vous trouverez ici toutes les informations utiles pour installer et administrer iGalerie 3. Une FAQ est également disponible pour répondre aux questions et problèmes courants.


Support for videos
In addition to the ( AVIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG and WebP ) images, iGalerie also supports the ( MP4 and WebM ) videos. And to make your life easier, iGalerie automatically generates video vignettes, whatever your PHP configuration Create your photo / video gallery in all simplicity with iGalerie, a free and free PHP application.

iGalerie Image Website Hosting Services

With iGalerie, adjustments are made via an ergonomic and user-friendly administration interface clear,. All functions can be activated by a mouse click, allowing you to create a minimalist gallery as a very complete gallery. And thanks to the contextual and full documentation online help, you'll never get lost! A member management Advanced
iGalerie allows your visitors to sign up, send their images or become a director. You have complete and advanced management of all your users




4images is as a web based PHP and MySQL for displaying images on the Internet. 4images can be configured through an administration area. 4images supports apart from the typical image formats like JPG, GIF and PNG, other data formats. Furthermore 4images includes a template system to modify the design of the gallery. An external language file allows for easy translation into other languages.

4images Features | What You can do with 4images

extensive, password protected administration are to configure and control the whole gallery system
encrypted storage of passwords in the database
database backup function
multi language support
easy to use installer for 4images
RSS-Feeds (latest images of the gallery, latest images of a category, latest comments of an image)
unlimited categories and subcategories

4images Image Website Hosting Services

Highly customizable
Want to use 4images out of the box and to work? Want to get your hands dirty customizing just everything? No matter what you want to do, with 4images it’s possible
extensive, password protected administration
database backup function
multi language support
easy to use installer for 4images
unlimited categories and subcategories
logging and statistics of clicks for each category or subcategory
title and description (optional) for every category

4images | Image & Media Gallery Management System

4images is a powerful PHP & MySQL based system to administrate image galleries and media databases. It is easily customizable and has a big active community

Affordable Image Website Hosting Services

Create Awesome Photo Websites
If you are a photographer looking to succeed in today’s digital age, you will need a website. For those in a creative profession, having a website is no longer an option, but a necessity. Using a photo gallery software will help get your pictures online fast and easy

Chevereto Free

Chevereto enables you to create an image sharing website on your own server. No restrictions at all! Free yourself and use it for anything you want. Customize it as you see fit because it’s all yours!

Chevereto V3 Documentation

Welcome to the Chevereto documentation!
Here you will find all the official guides and instructions for Chevereto V3. You are welcome to contribute improving this documentation.
#Additional resources new window)
Community(opens new window)
Blog(opens new window)
Releases(opens new window)
Newsletter(opens new window)

Pricing - Chevereto

The package
A Chevereto license grants you access to use our software and deploy your own image hosting.
Free access to all updates
Bug tracking
Pro Support
Community Support

  • For the lifespan of purchased major version
  • Pro Support included for 30 days Request a free demo to get a full-preview of the software.
Chevereto Image Website Hosting Services

Chevereto itself is a richly featured gallery tool. You get beautiful, responsive galleries that look just as good on mobile as they do on the desktop, profiles for multiple users, an image uploader so you don't have to do things in small batches, social features for easy image sharing (and for easy login), and feature updates as they're available, and Cross Browser Compatible
Admin panel
Basic API
Embed codes and sharing options
File manager
Flood protection
Image resizing


TinyWebGallery is a free php based photo album / gallery that is very easy to install, extremely user friendly, does not need a database (uses xml files) but still has all the features you should expect and much more! TinyWebGallery can be configured very fast for a professional gallery like a model agency but also for the pictures from the last ski holiday! Just check out the demos and the list of all functions.

Php photo gallery configuration und administration | TinyWebGallery

Check your installation by calling the info.php. If the gallery does not start please check the rights of the directories 'cache', 'counter' and 'xml' (if present). Change them to 777 (chmod 777). Check the how-to 1 for better security settings! From version 1.4.3 on the XML files can be stored stored in the album directories. Please read howto 35 for details! Howto 53 shows how to configure your server properly.

TinyWebGallery Image Website Hosting Services

AJAX + Flash navigation with sliding image thumbnails
XML based - no database needed
TWG Admin to upload/manage images, manage users, Color Manager
Keyboard navigation
3 different slide show types
Protected galleries
Full screen mode
Text and image watermarks
Full video support
TWG Flash up-loader
Front-end in 26, back end in 5 languages
Remote picture support

TinyWebGallery | Free image gallery | web photo gallery | web gallery

TinyWebGallery is a free image gallery /php web photo gallery /web gallery that is very easy to install, extremely user friendly with many unique features.

Image Hosting Question, To Host Your Own or Not To Host?

To Host your own or not to Host your own. That is the Image Hosting Question. Basic information for Beginners and Advanced. With your own image hosting, You control where you place the images online; you can upload your images, store them in one place, and makes them accessible to your audience through whatever online platform you wish.


Zenphoto is a CMS for selfhosted, gallery focused websites. Our focus lies on being easy to use and having all the features there when you need them. Zenphoto features support for various media formats and integrated blog and custom pages. Zenphoto is the ideal CMS for personal websites of illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, film makers and musicians. Zenphoto features support for images, video and audio formats

ZenphotoCMS documentation

The detailed documention of all functions and class methods of ZenphotoCMS and all included standard plugins is generated automatically from the files via ApiGen.
All documentation is found within the files themselves anyway so you can review them directly. Although there is a basic guide on how to read the functions documentation, reading and using this documentation may require some deeper PHP knowledge as it follows the code structure and not the file structure, especially the inheritance of classes.