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Spandan neo

Redefining ECG Monitoring Spandan neo is all set to redefine ECG tech! With an evolved design, upgraded features, and easy controls, this portable ECG device is all about convenience. Spandan neo is a 12-Lead portable ECG machine that allows you to take an ECG on your smartphone with 99.7% clinical accuracy. This ECG monitor is equipped with a single connected cable that eliminates connectivity issues and improves ECG results.
This pocket-sized ECG device operates without the need for batteries or an internet connection and is easy to use for both doctors and non-professionals. It is the most convenient ECG machine for home use and is perfect for taking ECG at home. Spandan neo is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. By letting you take an ECG at home or outdoors, Spandan neo bridges the gap between comfort and ECG monitoring. It is moisture-resistant and can perform well in rainy, damp, or humid weather conditions. Additionally, neo is environmentally friendly and safe for the planet. This portable ECG device assists in timely diagnosis and helps detect and prevent heart attacks using your smartphone. It offers advanced medical-grade ECG tests such as 12 Lead, Lead 2, Hyperkalemia, Live ECG and HRV.

Pericardial Effusion Demystified: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Pericardial Effusion is the deposition of fluid in the heart's protective sac. Learn more about this under-discussed condition here.

Effusion meaning Unveiled: Understanding Its Implications

Effusion meaning deposition of liquid in the heart's sac. It is of two types and hold great significance in the context of heart health.

Decoding Pericarditis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Explained

Discover pericarditis: its symptoms, causes, and treatment. Get expert insights and learn how to manage this condition effectively in our detailed guide.

Cerebrovascular Disease: Meaning, Risk Factors and Symptoms

Cerebrovascular Disease is an under-discussed cardiovascular disease that can pose serious threat to your heart. Learn more in this blog.

Understanding Systemic Circulation of the Heart

The Systemic Circulation of the Heart is an overlook circulation system which is as important as the other circulation system. Learn more in this blog.

What is the Natural Pacemaker of the Heart?

The natural pacemaker of the heart is the sinoatrial node or sinus node. This natural pacemaker orchestrates the rhythm of the heart.

Understanding and Using a Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor determines the amount of time your heart contracts and relaxes in a minute. Learn more about heart monitors and their types here.

Evolution of the Heart Explained

Evolution of the heart from its humble beginnings to becoming the most essential organ of the body. Find more in this blog.

Understanding the Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

The pathophysiology of heart failure suggests its much more than cessation of the heart. It is a deeply complex phenomenon. Learn more here.

What is Ventricular Repolarization?

Ventricular Repolarization resets the heart's cycle for contraction and relaxation i.e. conduction. Learn more about this unpopular phenomenon in this blog.

Decoding Ventricular Remodeling

Ventricular Remodeling is the change in the structural and functional activity of the ventricles. Get more insights into it in this blog.

Exploring Left Ventricular Mass Growth

Left Ventricular Mass Growth holds a great significance in the realm of the cardiac care from childhood to adulthood. Learn more about it in this blog.

What is the meaning of Ventricular Bigeminy ECG?

Ventricular Bigeminy ECG is essential to determine the heart abnormality associated with premature contractions. Learn more about it in this blog.

Bigeminy ECG: Meaning, Symptoms and Treatment

Bigeminy ECG is the electrocardiogram of the heart rhythm followed by a premature contraction. More details about it in this blog.

How to Check Heart Rate in Newborn?

How to check heart rate in newborn? There are different methods. Learn the complete procedure in this blog.

How to Calculate Irregular Heart Rate on ECG?

Ever wondered how to calculate irregular heart rate on ECG? It is an elaborate process. Get more insights into this in this blog.

Silent Heart Attack: Unveiling the Stealthy Threat and Its Implications

Learn how to identify the often-missed signs of a silent heart attack and what to do to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

How many Stents can be put in a heart?

Ever had a blocked artery and wondered how many stents can be put in a heart? Find all the answers in this blog.

How many Stents can be put in a heart?

Ever had a blocked artery and wondered how many stents can be put in a heart? Find all the answers in this blog.

How Many Times Heart Beat in One Second?

Did you know how many times heart beat in one second? Find out insights into this here.

What is the Septum in Heart?

The septum's role in the heart is vital, ensuring the separation of oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood for efficient circulation. Defects such as ASDs or VSDs can disrupt this separation, affecting heart function. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments, including surgical options, can restore normal blood flow and enhance outcomes in affected individuals.

Exploring 5 Common Heart Tests and Their Diagnostic Insights

Discover 5 common heart tests that let you identify various heart abnormalities. Insights into all of these tests here.

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Advancements in EKG technology have made it portable, transitioning from hospital use to mobile monitoring. This shift empowers users with convenient real-time insights into their heart health, allowing proactive management and collaborative care between individuals and healthcare providers.

Which part of Brain control Heart?

You must have wondered about which part of brain control heart once in your life. It is a question that tends to intrigue you. It is no brainer that brain

Which hormone increases heart rate?

Find out which hormone increases heart rate in this blog. Discover the secret hormone that makes your heart flutter sometimes here.