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Back Pain Solutions

Here's a list of all my posts about natural back pain solutions!
The 3 Most Effective Relievers of Muscle-Knots in Back (That Your Doctor Forgot to Mention)
Muscle knots in back are really hard to diagnose. Most people don't even know that muscle knots can cause pain in other areas of the body (buttocks, bladder, and lower spine) and confuse muscle knots with bulging sciatica or herniated discs.
How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain - 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain
Unfortunately for 61% (!!) of Americans suffering from lower back pain, the low back ache is a 24/7 type of pain. It doesn't let go and it's certainly not "kind" enough to give you a break when you try to fall asleep at night.
The Most Simple (Yet Innovative) Way to Correct Your Sitting Posture - For Good - Back Pain Relief Products
Slouching is a hard-to-kill habit. Most of us have been slouching our way to graduation, and since old habits die hard, we keep slouching at work, at home and for decades - Until our back and neck have their revenge.
Literally a Pain in the Butt - Low Back Sciatica Home Treatment (That Works)
Burning, tingling, shooting, throbbing - Sciatica Pain is brutal. Maybe it started out feeling like an ice pick stabbing at your butt, or a fist squeezing your back and butt as hard as possible, but after a few days it feels like a burning rope running all the way from your back to your foot.
Lumbar Back Brace for Back Pain - Friend or Foe?
Can a lumbar back brace really help your lower back condition? Does it really stabilize your spine and prevent further injuries in your lower back? Will it relieve your pain and replace those awful pain killers?
The Top 5 Solutions for Pain in Lower Back From Standing
Did you know that standing on your feet for 25 minutes a day could potentially lead to a lifetime of lower back pain? This was just discovered in a new Being on your feet for hours each day is the uncomfortable and often painful reality for stay at home moms, cashiers, health care workers, bank tellers, restaurant servers, mail sorters, assembly line workers, retail salespeople and many more.
2 Simple Steps to Cure Lower Back Pinched Nerve - Naturally
Pain in the lower back again. Ouch. If that's not enough, your left or right buttock hurts and the pain travels down your leg. Or both your legs. Here comes the numbness, or the burning sensation, or the pins and needles. What's going on?
How to "Unbulge" Your Bulging Disc in Lower Back - Without Medication and Surgery
Having a bulging disc in lower back (or anywhere else) is a very painful and debilitating condition. The sometimes excruciating pain that you feel is not caused by the disc, but by the nerves that run through the spine, which are compressed when discs protrude or cause misalignment.
The Complete List of DIY Lower Back Pain Relievers (& Cures)
It's not a terminal disease and it won't kill you, but lower back pain can really make you wish you were dead sometimes. Stabbing pain, shooting pain, radiating pain, dull annoying pain or even seriously debilitating pain - Lower back pain can make the toughest person burst into tears.