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HRMS Software Singapore

QuickHR is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that’s been built with a simple goal- eliminate the problems that plague traditional HR platforms. Every part is designed with security, stability and ease-of-use in mind. QuickHR frees HR professionals from tedious administrative tasks to focus on what they do best- build better organisations.

What is Public Holiday Off-in-Lieu and Are Your Employees Entitled to it?

Providing time off in lieu (TOIL) is one of the ways to compensate employees for hours worked on a public holiday. Learn more about TOIL and whether your employees are entitled to it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG): Eligibility, Requirements, and How to Apply

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) helps Singapore businesses maximize business value with IT solutions and equipment. Learn more here!

Income Tax Singapore: HR Guide to 2023 IRAS Income Tax Rates in Singapore

Personal income tax rates in Singapore are ever-shifting. Find out how you can keep track of the latest changes with our ultimate Singapore Income Tax Guide and Rates in 2023!

CPF Contribution Rate: All You Need to Know About the Latest CPF Contributions Rates For 2023 & CPF Contribution Cap

Are you having a hard time navigating the CPF processes in Singapore? Look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 CPF contribution rates & CPF contribution caps in Singapore!

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Singapore’s First-Rate Payroll Software
Speed up your payroll with the leading payroll software in Singapore - built for enterprises, startups and SMEs!

What's more? Our payroll solution delivers time-efficient and accurate CPF and IRAS submissions in a few clicks!

Best HR Software Singapore - HRMS Software | QuickHR

A holistic cloud-based HR Payroll Software Solution Provider that fits ALL industries. Widely recommended and cheapest solution for Businesses. HR Software Singapore


Most popular HRMS software in Singapore

Most popular HRMS software in Singapore

QuickHR is an HRMS software for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is an HRMS that gives small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a way to manage the whole of their HR process with less complexity and cost. With QuickHR, small and medium-sized enterprises are able to streamline their HR process, effectively manage talent, and gain competitive advantage in a cost-effective way. QuickHR offers a free trial that allows users to experience the product's benefits.

Payroll Software In Singapore | HR Payroll Software System

IRAS-approved payroll software in Singapor. MOM Payroll processing system for itemised payslips, automated CPF calculations, easy IRAS tax submissions.

Online Leave Management System | Leave management software - QuickHR Singapore

The most innovative leave management system in Singapore. Payroll software, e-claims, e-leaves, KET, auto-fill IRAS forms. Gets all your HR tasks done with full automation. QuickHR - HR solution anyone can master.

Expense Claims | Claims Management System Singapore | QuickHR

The most innovative claim management system in Singapore. Payroll Software, e-claims, e-leaves, KET, auto-fill IRAS forms. Gets all your HR tasks done with full automation. QuickHR - HR solution anyone can master.

Payroll Software In Singapore | HR Payroll Software System

IRAS-approved payroll software in Singapor. MOM Payroll processing system for itemised payslips, automated CPF calculations, easy IRAS tax submissions.

Time Attendance software | Time Attendance system | QuickHR Singapore

Timesheet attendance software by the most innovative HR Software in Singapore. Our time attendance system is used in different industries and is designed to manage all employee attendance.

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Balancing work and family priorities can be a challenge for working fathers. To help them maintain a healthy work-life balance, the Singapore government established comprehensive paternity leave policies, giving them an opportunity to take time off to care for their newborns, bond with their children, and support their partners.

Employee Scheduling Software | Shift Scheduling - QuickHR Singapore

The Best software for Employee scheduling shifts and #1 Scheduling App by QuickHR HRMS Software in Singapore. We are top in Payroll software, Leaves, Shifts Scheduling, claims, PSG Grants.

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Reap the benefits of detailed reports curated specifically for analysis in the workplace with QuickHR. Furthermore, fine-tune your data collation and report curation with our in-built filters which allow for flexible groupings and identification.

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QuickHR’s E-Learning’s holistic Learning Management System (LMS) is outfitted with both internal and external eLearning courses, detailed with features such as; course duration, intelligent automated enrolment, course catalogue, the creation of internal assessments (eQuiz) or post external course assessments, a course and training calendar, leader-boards and gamification.

Are you an employer or HR manager in Singapore who is struggling to get a grasp on off-in-lieu policy in Singapore? Well, in this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about public holiday off-in-lieu in Singapore, from what it is to who is entitled to it. We'll also show you how to calculate public holiday in lieu for each of your employees.

The most anticipated HR solution in 2018, IRAS approved HR/Payroll solution. Justlogin & Check the price & package available for businesses of all sizes. Up to 70% grants available, contact our specialist today.

Pricing | HRMS Software Singapore | QuickHR

Singapore HRM software pricing is now made affordable. Streamline your HR functions without breaking the bank! A good and dependable HRIS software does the job well. Call QuickHR for more information.

Biometric Attendance System | Fingerprint Attendance System | QuickHR Singapore

Monitor employees' location during work hours and ensure accurate attendance tracking with Biometric Time Attendance System.

The Progressive Wage Model in Singapore: A Guide for HR Professionals 2023 Edition

Learn everything you need to know about the Progressive Wage Model in Singapore including the latest enhancements and changes to the PWM, how it works, and how it benefits businesses and employees.

Occupational Employment Dataset: A Valuable Resource for Employers | QuickHR Singapore

The Occupational Employment Dataset in Singapore is a valuable resource for employers who want to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing job market.

OT Calculation: Calculate Overtime Pay For Monthly-Rated Employee with MOM Compliance Overtime Calculator

Calculate monthly-rated employee overtime pay effortlessly with our free overtime calculator. Accurate MOM OT calculation in just a few clicks.

Singapore Public Holidays 2023 | Public Holiday 2023 | Hari Raya Haji

It�s the start of a brand new year and we can look forward to 11 gazetted public holidays in Singapore and up to seven long weekends in 2023!

PSG Grant Singapore 2023 | Get Up to 50% OFF

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Learn more about the PSG grant and learn how QuickHR can help accelerate your digital transformation! GET UP TO 50% OFF PSG.