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Updated by Lily Z on Jul 27, 2023
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Check Out These Top 5 Trending Manga Picks

Here are 5 captivating manga worlds you can't miss. Feel free to add your favorites to the list and vote for the ones you love!

Failed to Abandon the Villain - Manga365Vip

“Now, you’re the only one left, Mistress.” I reincarnated as the daughter of a baron within a novel I read in my previous life. Thanks to that I knew that the boy my father brought as a slave would massacre the barony, I would meet a horrifying death, and the ending of this world.
She only wanted to live freely but in a situation where she needs to save the world first! Will Valletta be able to find the life she wants?

My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour - Manga365Vip

In My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour, readers will witness a heartwarming story unfold as Sawatari-kun becomes an unexpected source of support for Ochiai-San. Can his kindness and empathy help bring her out of her shell? Will their growing connection lead to new beginnings?

Dungeon Reset - Manga365Vip

This spellbinding tale blends elements of fantasy and gaming seamlessly, providing readers with an addictive storyline that will leave them craving for more. With its gripping narrative and captivating characters, Dungeon Reset appeals not only to fans of fantasy novels but also to gaming enthusiasts!

Black Clover - Manga365Vip

In the Clover Kingdom, magic reigns supreme and the most powerful sorcerers hold all the power. However, when Arata is born without any magical abilities, he is left to fend for himself in a cruel world.

Abandoned at a church orphanage and neglected by those around him, Arata must carve out his own destiny and become the strongest sorcerer in the kingdom- even if it means facing insurmountable odds.

Isekai Ojisan - Manga365Vip

Isekai Ojisan is an endearing tale that combines magic and comedy as it follows the adventures of Takafumi Takaoka and his extraordinary uncle Yousuke Shibazaki in their quest for internet fame. Get ready for whimsical spells, hilarious misunderstandings across two worlds, and heartwarming moments between family members as they navigate through modern-day challenges armed with traditional magic from another realm.