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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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5 Succulent Dishes You Should Indulge in Maldives – A culinary adventure to savour!

Maldives is nothing short of perfect for those who expect a fabulous vacation, and what’s even more exciting is its wide range of fresh, flavourful dishes you can try. Here are the top 5 recommendations for must-try food items in the Maldives.


Saagu Bondibai

This traditional pudding is quite the hype in the Maldives among those who visit. Prepared with saagu seeds, coconut milk and condensed milk, the texture of this pudding resembles rice and mango puddings. It can be versatile depending on your occasion, be it breakfast, dessert, or a quick bite. For those who worry about their calorie count, this is a healthy addition to their mains. The sweet and creamy taste is unmatchable, and the refreshing hint of coconutty goodness makes this dish taste even better. In some restaurants, you will find different versions of the pudding with cinnamon, rosewater, cardamom, and pandan leaves added for enhanced flavour.


Fried Yams

Yams are a rare crop that is grown on the island in large fields. Kulhi Bokibaas, also known as fried yams, are a must-try snack in the Maldives. The texture is quite like French fries, but the yams give a much starchier and drier crunch compared to fries. Yams are the ideal snack for tropical adventures, and they’re usually served with a few traditional Maldivian sauces such as pepper sauce (dundun). The yams are deep fried in oil until they look crisp golden brown, with a thicket cut that gives the perfect snacky vibes, crunchy outside and soft inside!


Live Lobsters

If you’ve visited Maldives and haven’t tried seafood, you’re missing out big time. Lobsters are a grand culinary treat for those who seek flavourful dishes. You can enjoy lobsters either fresh like sashimi, or cooked in many versatile ways with spices, coconut milk, condiments, and add-ons. Be it an individual dish or a part of a platter with a variety of tantalising seafood, lobsters will always take centre stage for their unmatchable taste. You will find these dishes at the top restaurants in Maldives and during your stay at hotels like Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.



Rihaakuru is a beloved dish in the Maldives and also a staple in every household. This fish-based dish is made by slow cooking the fish in salt water and combined with a variety of spices and condiments such as red onion, chilli, chilli powder, and garlic. The texture resembles Tom Yum soup, and the thick gravy can be a delicious addition to rice or bread. Tuna is the most widely used type of fish to make Rihaakuru, and the removed fish will be used to make smoked tuna, also known as "Valhomas".



Kickstart your day with the traditional Maldivian breakfast with the most refreshing mix of ingredients; tuna, grated coconut flakes, chilli, and chopped onion. Flavourfully combined with turmeric and lime juice and wrapped in a rice or wheat flour dough, this dumpling-like snack is deep-fried for the perfect crispness. You can find Gulhas in small to large sizes, typically served with sweet tea as a snack, or along with a few other dishes such as Mas Huni, for breakfast.