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5 Reasons to Visit Mozambique - A Magnificent and Alluring Coastline of the Indian Ocean

A true feature of an idyllic island getaway has to be lots of natural beauty - and Mozambique has it in spades. Regardless of your motivation to travel, whether it's to absorb some culture and history that's foreign, or just to escape from the daily grind, the country will lull and charm you within the depths of its unique way of life. There's a good reason that it's a premier vacation destination whose popularity keeps rising over the years. 


The Endless Coastlines with Pristine Beaches

Mozambique has all the things that make up a perfect beach destination. The white sand coupled with sapphire water, and the gentle sway of palm trees lining the coast, couldn't be any better than if it was in a movie. Boasting a whopping 2,500km coastline that hugs the Indian Ocean as it stretches on, even the most developed island resorts - such as the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort - do not interrupt the line of pure white. It's a place for visitors to enjoy the beach vacation of their dreams. 


Historied Old Cities

With a history as one of the first European settlements on the African Coast, you can expect a rich, extensive history to come out of the old cities of Mozambique. Such villages as the village of Ibo, located on the island of Ibo, showcase a history as one of the oldest towns in Mozambique, containing multitudes of times past on the worn streets. It's a great consideration for things to do while staying in one of the Mozambique luxury beach resorts.


Beautiful National Parks

Some of the finest safari locations in the world can be found in Mozambique - famous examples being the Gorongosa National Park and Niassa Nature Reserve, prime choices for the best safaris you can find. As you canoe down the rivers, you can take in the glorious sights of the majestic hippo, towering elephants, and more, with the thrill of the African bush country making one of the best experiences you can find. Some of these parks were renovated in recent times - providing all the more reason to drop by and pay a visit to these institutions.


Maputo's Vivid Culture

The largest city in Mozambique, Maputo, has a lively atmosphere that oozes vividness and energy. It's a unique city with marketplaces and places of gathering, with undertones of a laid-back environment and charm that isn't normally found in other cities in Africa. Banking on an Afro-Mediterranean vibe that is exclusive to Mozambican culture, the street cafes and historic colonial remnants provide great flavour and depth to the city. 


The Lake Niassa

Also known as the Lake Malawi, the third-largest lake in Africa stretches over 550km meters from North to South, and 75km from East to West. It's a spectacular sight to behold, especially during sunset and sunrise, when the light hits playfully off the surface of the water. Thanks to low pollution, the crystal-clear quality of the water comes through, and supports many different kinds of fish and marine life, more than any other place on Earth. Located on the southern end of the Rift Valley, the lake reaches up to a depth of 500m and is surrounded by towering mountains on either side.