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5 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Back from Cambodia - Authentic flair, remarkable craftsmanship and compelling appeal

The country of ornate temples, sunny beaches, and landscapes characterized by the likes of the world-renowned Mekong Delta, Cambodia also has a wealth of souvenir choices in store for you. Be ready to be spoiled for choice as you browse through the lovely souvenirs galore.


Silk - a centuries-old history of first-rate weaving

Cambodia and the country's association with silk dates back as nearly far as the history of the Southeast Asian nation's slew of ornate temples. A visit to any local market, including the likes of Lotus Silk, would welcome you to an extensive collection of silk products rich in colour and design. It is fascinating to learn that the silk industry in Cambodia still pretty much sticks to its traditional weaving methods, where it takes local artisans several weeks to dye and weave a single piece of silk. Browse through the merchandise galore and pick up the silk that tickles your fancy.


Krama - traditional Cambodian attire

Nothing says a holiday in Cambodia like a krama for a souvenir. The quintessentially Khmer attire, which is immediately reminiscent of a scarf, is worn by everyone regardless of demographics. The traditional Cambodian garment also comes in handy for tourists to the Southeast Asian nation when touring and exploring sights and surroundings. Traditionally, krama comes in red and white checks, but thanks to its wide popularity, the scarf-like piece of clothing could be found in a number of different colours and designs. Its inexpensive price of around $1 per piece means that you could get even one of each colour.


Palm Sugar - keepsakes for the taste buds

Souvenirs in Cambodia are not only about skilfully crafted handmade products. Foodies in the Southeast Asian nation also have something to take back home to jog their taste buds with the flavours of Cambodia. Round and tantalisingly brown, palm sugar is a delight that tourists to the country can't seem to have enough of. As the name suggests, it is a product of Cambodia's symbolic palm tree, which can be seen almost everywhere you go. Tastebuds familiar with brown sugarcane will immediately recognise the similarity in taste, but a little less sweet, making it all the more appealing.


Kampot Pepper - the finest of the world of pepper

Cambodia may not be renowned for its spices, but experiencing the taste and aroma of a grain of Kampot pepper is unmissable. The organically grown pepper in the Kampot Province of southwest Cambodia, hence Kampot Pepper, is considered one of the best varieties of pepper in the world. Be sure to take some back home to see how it imparts its flavour to your local dishes.


Stone and wood carvings - authentic flair meets excellent craftsmanship

Cambodia and the country's association with stone and wood carvings need no introduction whatsoever. Architectural wonders such as the world-renowned Angkor Wat speaks for the nation's flair for authentic and excellent craftsmanship. Pick up a few quintessential Cambodian stone or wood carvings, and make your way to one of the top restaurants in Siem Reap offered by properties such as FCC Angkor and give your taste buds a treat of the local flavours.