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Top 5 Street Foods in Siem Reap - Revel in the mouth-watering flavours of northwestern Cambodia

While Siem Reap is sure to take you back centuries, the historical city also doesn't fail to delight your taste buds. Meander the atmospheric streets of the old-world city and accept the calling of the scores of streetside food stalls, inviting you to grab a bite.


Amok Trey - steamed curried fish

Amok Trey, a fragrant and spicy Khmer steamed fish curry, fills the bustling streets of Siem Reap with its tantalising aroma. Commonly referred to as fish amok due to its traditional fish-based preparation, this mousse-like curry offers a culinary delight. While fish remains the popular choice, chicken, tofu, and the beloved local favourite, snails, can also be used as flavorful alternatives. Amok Trey is usually served in tenderly steamed banana leaves or well-sterilised coconut shells, and indulging in a serving of amok trey at one of the many vibrant street food stalls promises a delightful and unforgettable experience.


Babor - traditional Cambodian porridge

This flavourful porridge that's coming to life in the streets of Siem Reap is nothing like your ordinary porridge. The aroma of a steaming bowl of babor is sure to make your mouth water. In its basic form, the traditional Cambodian porridge is a mix of rice, chicken or pork broth, bean sprouts, green onions, fried breadsticks, eggs, and dried fish. It is believed that babor is a creation of the Chinese congee, but there's no taking away this delectable dish from Cambodians now.


Lok Lak - a stir-fried beef dish

For those craving the taste of some good juicy beef in Siem Reap, the streets of the ancient city await you with a dish of lok lak. A lump of stir-fried beef sitting on a bed of lettuce and freshly cut tomatoes, topped with cucumbers and raw onions — it's as good as it gets. While beef is the most popular choice, chicken or shrimp can also be used as substitutes. It is best enjoyed with a side of fluffy, white rice and by wrapping a mouthful of all the ingredients in a single lettuce leaf.


Bok l'hong - green papaya salad

Those familiar with Thai cuisine will immediately recognise Bok l'hong's resemblance to Thailand's popular tom sam. Heavily influenced by both the likes of tom sam and the Lao versions, Bok l'hong is a papaya salad, and similar to what is widely consumed throughout the rest of Southeast Asia, Cambodia's dish also uses unripe, green papaya instead of ripe ones. In addition to the papaya, other ingredients that are used in the dish include tamarind, galangal, and an authentic Cambodian fish paste.


Num banh chok - Cambodian rice noodles

A delightful Cambodian breakfast to your delightful mornings in Cambodia, Num banh chok is a traditional breakfast noodle dish, although the slew of street food stalls in Siem Reap also serves the dish as an afternoon snack. The widely popular yellow-hued noodle soup can also be found at any fine restaurant in Siem Reap offered by properties such as Anantara Angkor Resort. Going outside Siem Reap, one could find many regional variations of the local classic.