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How to Travel Around Mozambique - Top Ways to Tour Mozambique Using Local Transport Options

As one of the most fascinating countries in the African continent, Mozambique is a holiday destination like no other. Whether one is visiting the country on business or embarking on a vacation, knowing how to get around using the means of transportation available is crucial to a successful getaway. From travelling via the railway network to driving a rental car, here are some guidelines on navigating the country using both public and private transport methods.


Getting There

While Mozambique's national airline Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique was the only airline that visitors could use to fly domestically till 2017, the country is now served by an array of other airlines that offer quick connections to and from other African nations. Direct flights to Mozambique are available from Qatar, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey and even Portugal, while Kenyan Airways, South African Airways, and Ethiopian Airways are three of the regional carriers that offer direct flights into Maputo.


Taking the Train

When it comes to getting there via the railway, visitors should keep in mind that the rail network in the country offers east to west route, which runs between key cities in neighbouring countries and major ports in Mozambique. This includes routes from Zambia and Malawi to Port of Nacala, trains running from South Africa to Maputo and Port of Beira from Zimbabwe. There are no train services that run the north-to-south routes in the country. This means that while one can use the railway network to arrive in or depart from the country, they cannot be used to navigate the interiors of Mozambique.


Driving Tips

Renting a vehicle for the duration of your stay is a good option for those who intend to spend more than a week in the country, but visitors should be warned of the conditions on the ground. While highways and byways of Mozambique are not as well constructed or as well maintained as those in South Africa ( mainly due to the civil war), they are safe for the most part, even if it's not a smooth ride all the way. Potholes are common, and road accidents are also frequent due to pedestrians falling prey to careless drivers. It is best to avoid driving after dark in Mozambique as the risk of theft, hijacking, and petty crimes are high. The roads are also not well-lit in most parts of the country. There are police checkpoints all across the country, and it is crucial to obey when policemen order random stops and check passengers.


Car Rentals in Mozambique

There are a number of car rental companies in Mozambique that offer various vehicle varieties for hire, and the cost is not exorbitant when compared to rental rates in the continent. It is crucial to request third-party insurance for vehicles you rent in Mozambique, as a road accident can result in jail time if the road tax and the third-party insurance are not paid duly.


Bus Services

Buses mainly run between major cities and towns in the country, while tourists will need to hop on a Chapas to navigate the more rural areas of Mozambique. These converted pick-ups trucks are ideal for short transfers and are relatively inexpensive. Three-wheelers or tuk-tuks are also accessible in Mozambique and are a good option for short trips and sightseeing excursions. Long-distance buses in Mozambique include the bus from Maputo to Tofo, which takes 8 hours.


Travelling to the Islands

Those who have reserved accommodation at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort or any of the other Mozambique luxury beach resorts on an island will need to rely solely on boat transfers to get around. Ferry services are available for those who wish to reach Inhaca Island and other beach resort hubs in the country, although those heading to the Bazaruto Archipelago can take a speedboat, plane or even a helicopter, depending on their budget.