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Updated by Sparkling Clear Pool on Nov 27, 2023
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Pool Cleaning Services

We can provide you with our standard package or customize a special package after consulting with you. SPARKLING CLEAR POOL SERVICE is dedicated to working with you to allow you to receive maximum enjoyment from your pool. Give us a call at 214-361-0255 to discuss your needs.

A plunge in the swimming pool is a must in summer! If you install a new pool in your house or already have one, you must maintain it. With proper care and maintenance, the pool remains in good condition and functions well for a long time.

Understanding the Mechanics of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Discover the efficiency of robotic pool cleaners: learn how they work, how to use them, and why they're the best choice for a spotless pool.

Is it Safe to Swim in Pools with Algae Buildup?

Keep your pool clean for a healthy family! Learn how a sparkling pool with clear blue water adds value to your home & ensures safe swimming.

Simple Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Swimming Pool

The bugs in the pool make it look unattractive and unsafe for swimming and other water games. However, you can keep them out of your pool. Do you know how? Let’s discuss this.

Deep Dive into Pool Pump Care: Advanced Tips and Hacks

Owning a pool is delightful, but a good pool pump is crucial for clean & inviting water. Read about its types & maintenance in our guide for a sparkling pool.

How to Increase the pH Levels in Your Pool?

Dive into our guide on balancing pool chemistry to enhance relaxation, quality time, & pool longevity. Explore tips for raising pH & alkalinity effectively.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Covers

Imagine a sunny day, eager for a pool dip, but stuck with a tricky pool cover. Learn the benefits of an automatic pool cover for a smarter choice.

Pool Filter System Demystified: How Does It Really Work?

Discover the secret to crystal-clear pool water with insights on how pool filters work, the types available, & why they're crucial for your pool's well-being.

The Pros and Cons of Saltwater Pools: Are They Worth It?

Discover the pros & cons of saltwater pools for an informed choice. Experience the allure of gentle, clear water, & explore the modern alternative to chlorinated pools.

5 Quick and Easy Steps for Pool Light Replacement

Easily handle pool light replacement with our 5-step guide. Illuminate your pool for enhanced aesthetics & safe nighttime swimming.

Maximizing Pool Lifespan: Top Tips from Texas Pros

Discover expert tips from Texas professionals on Maximizing Pool Lifespan. Ensure your oasis lasts for years with proactive care. Learn more here!

Balancing Pool Chemicals in Texas: A Complete Guide - Sparkling Clear Pool Service

Discover the key steps to Balancing Pool Chemicals for a crystal-clear and safe swimming experience in Texas. Learn more here!

How To Throw The Perfect Holiday Pool Party?

Preparing a Christmas pool party may take some time and thoughtful effort. You can opt us for pool maintenance service in Fairview, TX

How to Repair Swimming Pool in Summers? | Sparkling Clear Pool

Looking for swimming pool repair in Frisco? Pool maintenance should be at the top of your list. Call our professionals at Sparkling Clear Pool Services.