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How to Travel Around Phuket - Best Transport Options to Use on a Phuket Holiday

Regarded among Thailand's top beach vacation hotspots, Phuket welcomes honeymooners and travellers from around the globe. With so many cultural landmarks and recreational highlights to discover, a getaway in Phuket should not be restricted to the beaches. Phuket is one of the country's busiest travel hubs, and getting around this dynamic island may seem daunting for the uninitiated. From hiring a private vehicle to using public transport methods, here are the best ways to navigate Phuket.


1. Secure a Convenient Base

One of the easiest ways to make exploring Phuket a hassle-free experience is to secure a base in a strategic area of town. Those who are staying at Travelodge Phuket Town or any other conveniently located family hotel in Phuket have a distinct advantage over those who occupy more remote resorts, especially when it comes to sightseeing. Regardless of the on-site amenities afforded by your rest, it is equally important to consider the location of your hotel and its proximity to bus stations and other transport hubs. Apart from the beach, it also pays to stay closer to some of the iconic temples and cultural points of interest on the island.


2. Airport Transfers

Those who arrive at the island's airport will find an array of taxis parked outside the Arrivals lounge. Although some of these taxis would have come to pick up guests bound for a certain hotel, most will be minibuses and chauffeured vehicles. Those who wish to rent a car or another vehicle for their use can find rental shops outside the airport. Tourists who hop on a taxi from the airport should make sure the vehicle is metered but expect the fares to be more than the taxi fares in the heart of Phuket Town. Those travelling with large pieces of luggage will find that there's no getting around hiring a cab for the ride to the hotel as there are no bus or train options for airport transfers in Phuket.


3. Songthaews and Buses

Considered the most budget-friendly way to get from Point A to Point B when holidaying in Phuket, local buses and songthaews are easy to board from the sidewalk of most main roads in Phuket. These are ideal for travelling short distances and for shopping tours on the island, and the fees are nominal at best. Songthaews have plenty of room in the back as these converted pick-up trucks usually boast two wooden benches at the bank. Those who intend to ride songthaews and buses must carry cash in small notes to pay for the transfer. The main advantage of travelling by bus or songthaew is the ability to hop on and off as one pleases.


4. Taxis in Phuket

While it may not be the most cost-effective way to explore Phuket, taxi travel is sometimes necessary during a getaway in Phuket. It is crucial to install the taxi booking apps available in Thailand prior to arriving in Phuket as these offer access to metered taxis with reasonable rates. Taxi fleets that belong to resorts and high-end hotels should be avoided at all costs due to their exorbitant rates.


5. Tuk-Tuks

Three-wheelers or tuk-tuks are found all across Phuket even if this particular mode of transport is not an affordable option for most visitors unless they find a metered vehicle. Those who are holidaying in Phuket for the first time, however, should indulge in a tuk-tuk ride for cultural value but others may use three-wheeler transfers for short rides around Phuket Town and when travelling to nearby beaches. Never board an unmetered three-wheeler as the drivers will not only overcharge you but also take you to shops and other establishments in order to earn a commission.