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Updated by Solomon Bindavid on Jan 12, 2015
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Top 10 Most Expensive Android Applications of 2013

Are you searching for some expensive android application for your precious device? Read this article and check out list of 10 most expensive application of 2013.


Destinator 9 -- Western Europe ($99.99)

The industry’s best turn-by-turn navigation solution is offered by this marvelous application- Destinator 9. One of the best things about Destinator is it delivers reliable and robust voice guided navigation along with some outstanding features like integrated weather, TapNGo, StickyPOI, online search powered by Google, etc.

Mobile Accessibility US - Android Apps on Google Play

Using Mobile Accessibility US application, one can easily interact with their device. Some of the marvelous suite of 10 accessible applications like SMS, Alarm, Calendar, Email, Web, Where am I, Phone, Contacts, Apps and Settings are added in this application that especially designed for the blind and visually impaired.

MobileNavigator GPS ($126.58)

MobileNavigator GPS is available with some remarkable features like Google Local Search, Google Street View, live traffic reports, Speed Assistant and others. This app is best for frequent travelers.

Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound ($69.99)

Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound is another expensive android application that is a speedy reference guide to all the body systems evaluated through ultrasound. This remarkable application contains 443 images that include photographs showing where to place the ultrasound probe. User shouldn’t require internet connection for using this application.

I’m Rich!! (Most expensive)

I’m Rich!! Is a non-functional app to décor your Android device’s desktop to show the wealth. Using this application, one can get a white diamond picture on the desktop with ‘I’m Rich’ under it. Moreover, if you are still interested to show more wealth, you can have a black diamond instead of white.

G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea ($89.99)

G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea is one of the interesting Android applications that tell you exactly how far you are from the green on courses around the globe. This app comes with full featured GPS Golf Range Finder with graphical view. Players can able to download all courses in Korea and 10 golf courses other areas according to their preference.

pcMapper Db ($149.00)

pcMapper Db is one of the remarkable extensions to pcMapper Lite that enables complete editing of ESRI® shapefiles on your android smart device. Having this application, you can simply Import and export of ESRI® shapefiles and dBase tables, manage features attribute tables in SQLite database and do lots more things.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus ($200.00)

This Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus android application is the most popular unofficial Vuvuzela FIFA 2010 World Cup Horn. While using this application, you simply have to shake your phone and your horn begins to blast. If you want to stop horn, shake it again. If you want to hear the announcer scream in jubilation, you just have to Touch and hold the screen.

5-Minute Sports Medicine ($94.00)

As name suggested, 5-Minute Sports Medicine application is especially designed for sports medicine professionals that provides to-the-point guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related medical problems they see in daily practice.

100 Dollar App ($111.05)

The 100 Dollar App is another non-functioning app, allowing showing-off user’s wealth and status. Purchasing this application, you will see icon on your home screen to let everyone know that you are rich.