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Headline for 5 Dos And Don’ts for a Memorable Vacation in Sri Lanka in 2023 - Worry-free, delightful times on the charming island
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5 Dos And Don’ts for a Memorable Vacation in Sri Lanka in 2023 - Worry-free, delightful times on the charming island

With pristine beaches in the south, dramatic mountains in the central highlands and stunning nature all around, one could never go wrong with a trip to Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, loading up on a few travel tips can only add to a worry-free time and a delightful tropical island getaway.


Don't hesitate to visit at any time of the year - a year-round tropical destination

While some travellers may choose to travel to Sri Lanka only during certain months of the year, one could safely describe the tropical island nation as a year-round destination. As with most other tropical destinations, Sri Lanka is also not without its rainy season. As most past travellers to Sri Lanka would agree, a little rain here would not be as bad as you'd think and is not anything that could dampen your holiday mood. However, if you are interested in avoiding rain at all during your holiday, it is advisable to avoid the south coast from the months of May through August. If you plan to visit during this time of the year, the east coast would be the most ideal for beaches and the central highlands are a delight all year round.


Do dress with modesty in mind - your part as a responsible traveller

Sri Lanka is not the most conservative country on earth, but it is important, as a responsible traveller, that you dress in a way that respects local culture and values. Therefore, always keep modesty in mind when choosing your outfits, especially when visiting temples and other sacred sites, where you are required to be covered from the shoulders to the knees.


Don't forget the tropical destination essentials - must-haves that can make or break your getaway

A vacation in the island nation of Sri Lanka means you are bound to spend a large portion of your time, savouring the picture-postcard beaches. So, don't forget to take the usual tropical destination essentials with you — a few pieces of swimwear, a pair of sunglasses, a sun hat and a whole lot of sunscreen. It is advisable to take a bug/mosquito spray, even though you might not need it at all.


Do socialise with locals - experience the epitome of generosity and hospitality

Sri Lanka is well known for their boundless hospitality and it is not without reason. Sri Lankans are some of the most polite, hospitable and generous people you'll ever meet and will always greet you with smiling faces, no matter where you go on the island. Don't be surprised if a stranger you just met invited you to their house for a cup of tea — that's how welcoming they are of the tourists to their country.


Do try the local cuisine - unleash your inner foodie on the idyllic tropical island

Vacationing in Sri Lanka, holiday travel would not be complete without getting a taste of the country's authentic local cuisine. Treat yourself to an assortment of traditional dishes and let your taste buds savour the local tastes. Many Sri Lanka tour packages include activities such as traditional cooking classes that let you indulge in the local cuisine.