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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Unveiling the Charms of Safari Adventures in Sri Lanka: Asia's Next Prominent Tourist Hotspot 
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Unveiling the Charms of Safari Adventures in Sri Lanka: Asia's Next Prominent Tourist Hotspot 

Although the island nation's wildlife heritage is not its most promoted feature, Sri Lanka has the potential to become Asia's biggest travel hotspot for nature lovers. For an island so small, the sheer number of national parks and wildlife reserves occupying the country is truly staggering. Whether you are heading to the island for a business trip or for a beach holiday, here are some guidelines on making the most of your adventures in the Sri Lankan wilderness.


Glamp Out

Although visiting a national park such as Yala National Park or Gal Oya National Park from a nearby hotel base is possible, those who wish to truly experience Sri Lanka's tropical wildernesses should opt for a campsite or glamping venue. Whether you choose to stay at Wild Glamping Gal Oya or any other luxury camping accommodation provider, the views and the opportunities to spot animals in the wild are increased tenfold. This is why wildlife enthusiasts avoid Gal Oya Sri Lanka hotels in favour of glamping sites, which are often located on the periphery of famous national parks and game reserves.


Bring Your Binoculars

While it may seem unnecessary, it is crucial to bring your own binoculars when embarking on a Sri Lankan safari adventure. Although most tour operators will provide at least one binocular per safari jeep, those who are travelling with friends or family will find that they must compete to use the only binocular in possession. Leopards as well as deer and bird species are easier to spot using binoculars as these animals rarely come up to safari vehicles or make their presence known.


Watch out for Gentle Giants on the Drives

Elephants are easy to spot in even the largest cities in Sri Lanka as they are often seen in the midst of traffic jams, meandering along the road led by a mahout. Used in religious processions and other local celebrations, elephants that have been tamed are not the only gentle giants to come across one's path as even their wild cousins seem to use the safari roads crisscrossing national parks and reserves to get around. Safari jeeps will often come to a stop and wait until the elephant or elephants pass the vehicle as it can be reckless and dangerous to drive past the creatures regardless of the speed.


Prepare for the Warm and Humid Conditions

Do not underestimate how hot and humid it will get on your safari journey in Yala, Minneriya, Udawalawe or Wasgamuwa National Parks as being outdoors is always a warm affair in Sri Lanka. Driving along dusty roads in an open jeep can be an unpleasant experience for safarigoers who are inappropriately dressed for the excursion. Remember that cotton fabrics work best in the local climate while wearing lighter colours that deflect light rather than absorb it will also prove beneficial. A pair of sunglasses and a sun hat is also non-negotiable as are bottles of drinking water.


Lens Essentials

Those who intend to snap quality photographs of the wildlife they spot during a safari must also bring a zoom lens. Leopards, bears and similar creatures keep their distance from safari vehicles and it will be more difficult to document your safari journey in photos without the aid of a powerful lens. Smartphones will not be able to replace a digital camera with zoom functions or a zoom lens as the resolution of the photos will be subpar.


Watch for Winged Creatures

There's a reason why Sri Lanka is one of South Asia's finest bird-watching locations as national parks across the island are teeming with endemic and migratory bird varieties. So don't forget to gaze up at the trees and the sky when enjoying a safari tour of a game reserve as one is likely to encounter colourful winged beauties.

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