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The Ultimate Guide to Window Blinds & Shades

Discover useful insights, information, and guidance on all things blinds, from choosing them to fitting them to ensuring they’re safe and beyond.


Are Wooden Blinds Out Of Style?

Wooden blinds have a classical design that has changed little over the course of their history, so they don’t go in and out of fashion as a result.

What Blinds Are Best For Kitchens? - English Blinds

For more information on why kitchen blinds need to be more hardcore than blinds for other rooms plus some specific information on which ones are your best bet and why, come on in…

The Top 10 Kitchen Blinds Ideas (That You Haven’t Already Heard 10 Times) - English Blinds

This is a guide on the best kitchen blinds ideas that encompasses pointers on what’s new in blinds, and the sort of looks and finishes you might want to think about working with.

Which Blinds Are Best For Privacy? - English Blinds

Which blinds are best for privacy relies on the material they’re made from above all other things; overall, the best blinds for privacy (for reasons that I’ll cover later on) would be blackout roller blinds and/or blackout Roman blinds.

What Blinds Are Best For Living Rooms? - English Blinds

What blinds are best for living rooms depends on what sort of jobs your blind needs to be qualified to perform and anything weird or challenging about your living room and its windows.

Which Blinds Are Best For Blackout? - English Blinds

Those that are made of a material that is totally impermeable to the sun, as opposed to “dimout” blinds, which will darken a room but not prevent light from entering it entirely.

What Blinds Are Best For Bifold Doors? - English Blinds

This article will tell you everything you need to know about which blinds for bifold doors will work and which won’t, depending on what type of bifold doors you’re dealing with.

What Blinds Are Best For The Bedroom? - English Blinds

Many people will immediately say “blackout blinds” here, and there is solid logic to this line of thinking; but also, blackout bedroom blinds aren’t right for everyone!

Should I Buy Wooden Blinds With Or Without Tapes? - English Blinds

Wooden blind ladder tapes can make your blind look extra funky and contemporary or alternatively create an interesting, natural contrast between textures.

Chain-Operated Roller Blind On The Blink? Here’s How To Fix Roller Blinds That Won’t Turn - English Blinds

If your chain-operated roller blind isn’t doing exactly what it says on the tin or is keen to sing you the song of its people every time you try to raise or lower it, you’re dealing with either a fabric jam or a stiff sidewinder.

How To Fix Cordless Or Spring-Tensioned Roller Blind Problems - English Blinds

Most common cordless roller blind problems can be fixed to give your blind a whole new lease of life, whether your cordless roller blind has got its knickers in a twist fabric-wise or something’s gone wrong with the spring itself

Should Blinds Be Fitted Inside Or Outside The Recess? - English Blinds

The answer to this may depend based on the type of blind you get, the window you’re putting it in, and your own personal choice too. Read on to find out how to decide.

Is It Worth It To Repair Blinds, & How Much Do Blinds Cost To Replace? - English Blinds

This sort of depends on what kind of fix is needed. Find out if your blinds have reached the end of the road or can be fixed up within this post.

What Type Of Blinds Are Easiest To Clean? - English Blinds

If you’re not Mrs Hinch and your prime consideration when it comes to choosing window coverings is what type of blinds are easiest to clean, read on and I will list them all in order of cleaning simplicity

Do Faux Wood Blinds Keep Heat Out? - English Blinds

The insulating qualities of faux wood blinds are fairly well-known but do they keep heat out (when this is desirable), or nah? Read on to find out.

Are Blackout Blinds Waterproof? - English Blinds

Depends what they’re made of, basically. Blackout blinds are not a single type or style of blind it itself, but rather, blinds with the ability to block virtually all external light if you hang them right.

What Blinds Are Best For The Bedroom? - English Blinds

Many people will immediately say “blackout blinds” here, and there is solid logic to this line of thinking; but also, blackout bedroom blinds aren’t right for everyone!

What Blinds Are Best For The Dining Room? - English Blinds

Pinning down what blinds are best for the dining room depends greatly on the dining room in question. Really there is no one uniting factor that applies to dining rooms in the same way that there is for most other rooms.

Which Blinds Last The Longest? - English Blinds

“Which blinds last the longest” is an important question and for many of us, directly proportional to how much we might be willing to spend on buying blinds as a result.

How Do I Choose The Right Blinds? - English Blinds

This depends on what you want them to do, what challenges they may face while doing so, and the sort of look you want to achieve too.

What Type Of Blinds Are Most Durable? - English Blinds

Under normal usage conditions, good quality made to measure blinds of any type should last for well over a decade under normal/appropriate usage conditions and when operated correctly.

Can You Install Blinds Yourself? - English Blinds

Yes, and you don’t need a diploma in DIY to do so, nor any specialist tools. Many people get a bit daunted by the idea of installing their own blinds, but it’s no more complex that hanging a picture or drilling a couple of holes into a wall.

How Do You Clean Mould & Mildew From Vertical Blinds? - English Blinds

If you’re looking for advice on how to clean mould and mildew from vertical blinds. Read on to find out how to do this without damaging them.

Do Roller Blinds Go Mouldy in The Bathroom? - English Blinds

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about choosing roller blinds for a bathroom to ensure that they don’t start growing their own nasty little fur coat within a couple of years.

What Blinds Do Not Break? - English Blinds

If you want to know what blinds do not break easily, this blog post will give you the definitive ranking from most sturdy to most feeble, whether your problem is child-related, pet-related, or “my other half is known as Demolition Dave for a reason”-related.