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Updated by Cathi Zimmerman on Nov 24, 2015
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Best Large Screen Led TV 2016

The bigger, the better. That is so true when you are looking to purchase a new large screen tv. Designing a man cave? Look no further.


Best Large Screen LED Tv

If you are upgrading to a much larger flat screen, you can find a large variety of large screen led televisions here.

Large Flat Screen Led Tvs

Watching television is a favorite past time for many. With the technology of today, you can have any size screen plus an extremely clear picture. Look up reviews and have fun picking out your new tv.

Best Large Screen Led Tv

Everyone wants a good, clear picture when watching a favorite program. Fortunately there are excellent televisions on the market today to choose from.

Top Rated Large Screen LED Tv

Televisions seem to get bigger and better every year. Check the many wonderful led tvs on the market today.

Top Rated Large Flat Screen Tv For Home Theaters

By Cathi Zimmerman | With the technology of today, you can have any size flat screen plus an extremely clear picture. Thinking about having a home theater?

For The Home

Find the best large flat screen led television that meets your needs for any room in the house. | For The Home

Best Large Screen Led Tv

Want a home theater? You can find 80 inch flat screen televisions that will do the job perfectly.

Top TV Ratings | TV Buying Guide - Consumer Reports

Resolution means the number of pixels, or picture elements, a screen contains. The first number indicates the number of pixels going across the screen from left to right; the second, the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the bottom. A 720p set displays 1024x768, 1280x720, or 1366x768 pixels.

TV Reviews: LCD TVs, flat-screen TVs, plasma TVs, 3D TVs - CNET Reviews

Television reviews and ratings, video reviews, user opinions, most popular tvs, tv buying guides, prices, and comparisons from CNET Reviews.

The Best HDTVs

Updated October 2, 2013 Check out the best HDTVs for 2013, with all of the "need to know" information for comparing LCD to LED, Plasma, Projection & 3D TV. Understand these technologies before you make a final decision on the best'll be glad you did!

The 10 Best HDTVs

Given the rapid evolution of the HDTV over the past few years, it's hard to believe that many of us rang in the new century watching bulky, standard-definition tube TVs. Since then, old-school CRTs have made way for slicker, multitalented high-definition sets that can do a lot more than just bring your favorite crime drama or reality show to your living room in HD every week.

Best TVs (64 inches and above)

Giant HDTVs are as American as extended-cab pickup trucks and the Super Bowl. Incidentally, they display the Super Bowl really nicely and may require a pickup truck to get them home from the store. If you have the size and the budget--and don't mind an object of enormous size in your room--browse this list and revel in sheer humongosity.

Best Large Flat Screen Tv

Deciding what size TV to buy is one of the more enjoyable aspects of purchasing a new set. Most consumers tend to go bigger when replacing their old TV.

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