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Updated by Maria from Productive on May 07, 2024
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How to study better

Find the approach that fits and your entire academic life can become much smoother.

15 Highly Effective Techniques to Study Effectively in 2023

Take a look at some of the working techniques that can help you to better understand how to study effectively in 2023.

7 Easy Techniques to Improve Your Memory and Attention

Memory is a skill that can be improved. Find out how to improve your memory and focus with practice and overall healthy habits.

Does Studying with Music Help You Focus | Productive Fish

Studying with music can be a great tool to boost productivity and effectiveness. Check out platforms that provide music tailored for work and study.

6 Best Way to Learn a New Language in 2023

Forget about how languages are taught at school and concentrate on your goals. Explore tips on how to learn a new language quickly and effectively.

Best Online Courses and Classes for Learning Something New, From Photography To Data Science

Feeling inspired to learn something new? With high-quality online sources, you'll find the right best online courses to suit your needs and goals.

Effective Note-Taking Methods and Tips To Take Better Notes

Note-taking is the practice of recording key information. Check out the best note-taking methods and tips to improve note-taking skills.

Learn faster, study better with Richard Feynman's Learning Technique

The Feynman technique is a 4-step learning method that can help you organize and understand material more efficiently.

AI in Education: Tips and Apps for Students

Explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence in education with valuable insights, tips, and tools for students.

Learning Style Quiz – Find Your Study Method

Take the study methods quiz and find out what study method is the best for you for 2024 based on your learning style.

How to Use Zettelkasten Method for Superior Notes Management

Zettelkasten method is a note-taking system. Learn how to create links between pieces of information and how to set up your Zettelkasten system.

Reading is a trend that will never go out of style. Discover simple ways to read more books and remember what you read.

How to Use Active Recall: Methods and Tips

Active recall method trains your brain to actively retrieve information to remember key concepts. Learn more about how to do active recall!

14+ Best Notion Templates for Students

Notion has become a valuable assistant for students. Get the most out of studying with these Notion templates for students.