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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Thailand street food - A gastronomical guide to the best local dishes and where to find them
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Thailand street food - A gastronomical guide to the best local dishes and where to find them

Thailand is a delightful nation with plenty to do & see. Among popular pursuits worth allocating time for, immersing your tastebuds in street food will make for quite the memory to take back home.



Enjoyed either as a starter or part of a main course, Satay is by far one of the best forms of street food that you can sink your teeth into. Falling within the category of a grilled meat speciality, Thailand’s version of the Satay is served with an assortment of flavourful sauces including peanut sauce and hot sauce that comes in different levels that will keep your tastebuds guessing.


Som Tum

Perhaps, the thought of consuming unripe papaya would put you off the thought of food. However, keep in mind to “don't knock it till you try it” until you have experienced the sensational flavours associated with Som Tum. Believed to have been passed down from the ancient Lao people, Som Tum marries a fine blend of spice, salt and fresh, shredded green papaya which features as its chief ingredient. Though, a salad, Som Tum will easily draw in meat lovers through its aromatic sauces and colourful dressings.


Gai Tod

Gai Tod is Thailand’s rendition of succulent fried chicken that one will find hard to say “No” to even after a day of sightseeing. Best paired with a serving or two of sticky rice, Gai Tod is one of those unmistakable sights and aromas that will coax you into trying out more than just one portion.


Poh Pia Tod

Coming across as one of the sought-after types of street food that you will have the privilege of accessing across Thailand, no commentary on the nation’s love for street food would be complete without ever so much as referring to Poh Pia Pod. To cut a long story short, these Thai spring rolls are art on a plate. Eaten with a dash of tomato ketchup, and soy sauce and finished off with a sprinkling of mint leaves, Poh Pia Tod is well worth tucking into during your travels in Thailand.


Moo Ping

To have left Thailand without sampling some Moo Ping would be quite unfortunate indeed and an error that one must stay well clear of making. Also, spelt ‘Mu Ping,’ this delicacy brings together the unique tastes of grilled pork and the spicy sauce called nam jim jeaw. Added to this, you can have the vendor prepare this dish as per your whims and fancies with a suitable marinade to go with it.


Sai Krok Isan

For those foodies who crave sausages packed with a filling of pork and rice, then look no further than enjoying some Sai Krok Isan. For quite an affordable price, you can have all the Sai Krok Isan your tummy can muster and that too with accompaniments in the likes of chili, ginger and cabbage.


Where to head to?

Knowing what to eat in Thailand is half the battle won but having an understanding of one’s surroundings will require some practice and getting used to. First up is the tourist hotspot of Chinatown where you will have the best seat in the house to savour a host of street fare in varying portions. Not to be outdone is the region of Bang Rak which rivals its neighbouring regions for serving up tasty treats that will easily have you asking for seconds. In the event you’re residing at Travelodge Sukhumvit 11 which is a good Sukhumvit hotel to be at and are on the lookout for something off the beaten path, then factor in the possibility of heading to the wet market of Ratchawat Market. Here you can sort your way through Khun Muay Fish Ball Noodles, Kanom Krok Kao Wang and an array of other notable dishes which are as authentic as they come in Bangkok.