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Updated by Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy on Jan 12, 2015
Headline for Stop The Children In Families First Act of 2013 - CHIFF
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Stop The Children In Families First Act of 2013 - CHIFF

As written, the Children In Families First Act of 2013 proposes to advance the polices as outlined in the US Action Plan for Children in Adversity, through the use of inter-country adoption, and it proposes to remove legal policies and “barriers to permanent placements” of children into American homes and families. The bill is not in the best interest of children around the world and should never be passed in Congress.


Dear Rosita: It's Not About You

It is amazing the amount of print space, air time and political clout given to those who choose adoption (particularly of the intercountry variety) to 'create a family,' yet so little given to the adult voices of those who have actually lived and can speak to the long-term effects of the intercountry adoption experience.

Children In Families First (CHIFF) and the Evangelical Adoption Movement

It's no surprise that in this age of Congressional gridlock, legislation that is supported by both Michelle Bachmann and Elizabeth Warren has garnered praise for its "bipartisanship".

CHIFF: LGBT Parents, Censorship, and the Disintegrating Umbrella

We all agree that all children deserve and need safe, loving families. Supporters of the Children in Families First legislation make very clear that this is their unqualified position, the umbrella which supporters hold over themselves. Unfortunately, there are some serious holes in the fabric of that umbrella.

CHIFF propagandist claims international adoption is a "choice" for Third World mothers; consumerizes women and childr...

T he Children in Families First bill is is dry flopping fast.. The bill has no support in the State Departmentand little on Capitol Hill, This week it's taken a hefty drubbing from opppoonents on the Internett. .Sponsor Sen.

Open letter to Kathleen Strottman, executive director of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute | Pound Pu...

Dear Mrs Strottman, We write to you to offer a sincere apology. Two weeks ago, we wrote a critique of the Children In Families First Act of 2013, for our website Pound Pup Legacy. In that critique, we erroneously claimed that the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) supports the CHIFF act.

Children in Families First Act of 2013 (S. 1530)

A bill to realign structures and reallocate resources in the Federal Government, in keeping with the core American belief that families are the best protection for children and the bedrock of any society, to bolster United States diplomacy and assistance targeted at ensuring that every child can grow up in a permanent, safe, nurturing, and loving family, and to strengthen intercountry adoption to the United States and around the world and ensure that it becomes a viable and fully developed option for providing families for children in need, and for other purposes.

Stop The Children In Families First Act of 2013 | Pound Pup Legacy

Late last week, Senator Mary Landrieu launched the latest initiative of the adoption lobby in congress, with the introduction of The Children In Families First Act of 2013. The bill is intended to counteract the decline in inter-country since 2004, a

New National Adoption Bill Proposed: Children In Families First -CHIFF | Musings of the Lame

Why I will NOT Support 240 Million Dollars in Federal Tax Money Going to Increase International Adoption I have just finished reading through all the information provided on the proposed "Children in Families First " Act or it's cute little acronym "CHIFF" including the entire proposed 73 page bill itself.

Why CHIFF Will (and Should) Fail

CHIFF is new US legislation related to international adoption. Its full name is Children in Families First. You can read about it on their website. The ostensible goal is something most humans can agree on: children should grow up in loving, safe families. CHIFF, however, would like to change "US policies and investments" to do...


The "Children in Families First Act of 2013" (, sponsored by Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, begins with the assumption that "The people of the United States recognize and believe that children must grow up in permanent, safe, and nurturing families in order to develop and thrive."

#Adoption911 | Stop the "Children in Families First Act" | Daniel Ibn Zayd on

This is a joint initiative of Pound Pup Legacy and Against Child Trafficking. Quoting from their joint statement: As written, the Children In Families First Act of 2013 proposes to advance the polices as outlined in the US Action Plan for Children in Adversity, through the use of inter-country adoption, and it proposes to remove...

[Birth Mother] First Mother Forum

Foreign adoptions have plummeted from just over 23,000 in 2004 to just under 9,000 in 2012, as foreign countries and the U. S. State Department have responded to wide-spread corruption. Gathering its forces, the adoption industry has turned to its long-time champion, adoptive mom and wife of an adoptee Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

The Daily Bastardette: AdoptionLand Incest Continues: Craig Juntunen from Both Ends Burning shills for Gladney

Speaking of Gladney., as I did the other day... ...guess who's shilling for Dame Edna!. On Wednesday October 9, Juntunen will keynote the annual New York Metropolitan Gladney Family Association fundraiser/cocktail party at the University Club in midtown. . (Gladneyators drink? WWHSD? What would the home studier do?)

The Daily Bastardette: Life Imitates Art: Mary Landrieu Calls Pavel Astakhov an ass; Then files bill to speed up inte...

Two weeks ago New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz wrote G20 Ends Abruptly when Obama calls Putin a Jackass. Last week, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) , in an interview with R adio Free Europe/Radio Liberty called Russian Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, who supports Russia's refusal to re-open its child coffers to needy American paps, an ass.


There's been a good deal of discussion recently about the possible effects of neglectful orphanage experiences on children's development, with some claims made about damage to brain development in the proposed "Children in Families First" legislation. A recent publication is bound to be made grist for this legislative mill, and I would like to go over some aspects of the study before this happens.


You would think that the Reuters investigation of "re-homing" of unsatisfactory adopted children would be followed by legislation that would protect all adoptees, foreign or domestic, in the United States. Instead, we see introduced in the Senate a bill called the Children in Families First Act of 2013 (CHIFF).

Is Senator Mary Landrieu's Adoption Bill Anti-Adoptee And Anti-Gay?

Senator Mary Landrieu has this piece of adoption legislation called Children In Families First (CHIFF). If one takes a close look, it's really not "about the kids," which Landrieu and her crew are telling everyone. Rather, it's about bailing out the adoption agencies, which have fallen on hard times with the slow down of international adoption.

Captain America Does It Again! Troubling International Adoption Legislation (CHIFF)

Posted: Print Article "There is one issue on which all Americans agree, every child needs a family." This is the slogan used by the supporters of the proposed legislation Children in Families First Act (CHIFF) on their website. The law focuses on solutions for the so-called world orphan problem.

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