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Headline for Top Vietnamese Foods Hanoi is Famous For – Relish the goodness of these super dishes and drinks!
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Top Vietnamese Foods Hanoi is Famous For – Relish the goodness of these super dishes and drinks!

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation known for scenic beaches and rivers, and an array of Buddhist Pagodas. Another distinct facet enticing visitors to Vietnam is its cuisine which is on par with some of the best in the world, with each region boasting its specials, discover the best ones in Hanoi.


Bun Cha

The secret of this delicious dish of barbecued pork with rice vermicelli is the flavour oozing meaty pork. Cooked on a low fire until the prime meat is infused with flavours of herbs and spices, it is served hot over the rice vermicelli and garnished with fried shallots and fresh herbs and accompanied by a great dipping sauce. A terrific hit with most guests visiting Hanoi restaurants, this is a must-relish dish in Hanoi.


Banh Mi

A legacy from the French Colonization of Vietnam, Banh Mi is a sandwich made from the French baguette. However, in Hanoi, Banh Mi is a traditional feast you eat with your hands not merely a sandwich. In many parts of Hanoi, there are scores of street vendors whose speciality is Banh Mi. Pate, cucumber, herbs, lettuce, and pickles are used as fillings with Mayonnaise, chilli and seasoning. Bite into the spicy and savoury goodness that fills one up. No wonder it is a famous meal and snack on the go.


Pho Bo

This is a national dish of Vietnam, also simply called Pho which is known the world over as a popular Vietnamese Dish. Eat a bowl of this beef soup noodle and you are hooked as few soup noodles are as flavoursome as beef Pho. Lots of greens and herbs float in the broth enhancing the flavour and making it a filling meal. This comes as beef Pho and Chicken Pho, so be mindful when ordering and enjoy the goodness of this awesome meal as done by visitors at Pan Pacific Hanoi.


Cha Cha

This is the legendary fried fish dish of Hanoi. Battered white fish fried till crispy and well flavoured with a turmeric and dill combination. It is ready to serve when sizzling. Usually eaten with fried peanuts, rice vermicelli and accompanying greens, this is made to a strict recipe created by the Doan family over a century ago and the family business prepares it even today although other places make it in Hanoi. Try it to feel the awesome goodness and you will agree it is legendary.


Caphe Trung

A leading coffee producer in the world, Vietnamese are coffee lovers. Don’t fail to taste a Caphe Trung in Hanoi as coffee is a serious business here. Enjoy an Espresso coffee which is dark and intensely flavoured with thick condensed milk and beaten egg yolk, a hallmark of an original Hanoi Coffee, lip-smacking yummy.


Banh Tom

This crispy snack made with shrimp is originally from Hanoi and is in abundance in the old quarter. These deep-fried shrimp cakes with a crisp and crackly crust but a creamy filling are a unique street food easily eaten with your fingers and loved by both young and the old.

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