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Samsung users are facing the Lockscreen bug with OneUI 5.1 and now it has been fixed

Samsung Galaxy phones running OneUI 5.1 have been experiencing lock screen issues, which the company has finally acknowledged. Several affected owners shared their concerns on social media, saying that after the update, the phone's Lock screen would act randomly or render the phone unusable with a blank screen.

Tesla opens its Supercharger network to other electric cars in Canada

Tesla's plan to open up Superchargers now extends to Canada after the government revealed the company will open access to some of its existing Supercharger network to other brands of electric cars.

According to Indian government, nearly a million UPI frauds were reported last year

Almost all fraud cases have been reported in 2022 as India ramps up digital payments through the Unified Payment Interface, or UPI. One of the most common cases of UPI fraud occurs because the victim ends up sharing the UPI PIN through a QR code that the attacker shares with them.

5 things you might have missed about AI today: Nvidia AI Product, Magic Compose, AI Guard and more

The artificial intelligence race is accelerating. Nvidia, the world's most valuable chipmaker, is announced. Google has released a new AI-powered feature called "Magic Compose" for sending text messages.

NVIDIA's G-Sync ULMB 2 technology aims to reduce motion blur in games

NVIDIA announces G-Sync Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) 2, a second-generation technology designed to reduce motion blur in competitive games.

ARM's latest processors drive Android phone manufacturers to use only 64-bit devices

ARM just sent a false warning to Android phone manufacturers who are still clinging to 32-bit technology. Cortex-X4, like X3, is a performance core aimed at flagship phones.

OnePlus 11 5G Marble Odyssey Edition Launched in India: Price, Specifications and Availability

Chinese tech giant OnePlus has launched its latest OnePlus 11 5G Marble Odyssey Special Edition in India. OnePlus 11 5G Marble Odyssey Edition price and availability.

Twitter not paying PR firm's bills after Elon Musk buyout: Report

(Reuters) - A former Twitter relations firm sued the social media company on Friday, saying it had failed to pay its bills since Elon Musk's $44 billion buyout.

'Everybody's a programmer now': Nvidia CEO hails AI era

Nvidia Corp. Nvidia has grown into the world's most valuable semiconductor company as a major supplier of artificial intelligence chips and computing systems.

Google searches for these terms have increased by 1,300% since 2004

Internet access has become more and more affordable over time – more and more people use it to perform a wide variety of tasks. According to a report by market research firm Cultural Currents Institute, since 2004, searches by users questioning their sexuality and sexuality and searching for the phrases: "Am I gay," "I am lesbian, "Am I Trans," "How Do I Come Out" and "Non-binary ".

Computex 2023: From NVIDIA AI supercomputers to MSI laptops, see the highlights

Computex 2023, one of the world's largest computer and technology fairs, began today, May 30. Check out the top five announcements from the first day of Computex 2023.

A new malware called DogeRAT is spreading through fake Android apps

A new malware called DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan) targets users by distributing fake Android apps. Discovered by CloudSEK's TRIAD team, DogeRAT is an open-source Android malware that can steal important information such as bank passwords and government credentials, leaving victims vulnerable.

James Webb telescope captured a huge jet of water from Saturn's moon Enceladus

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has provided us with many incredible images despite its short lifespan. Enceladus is one of the most interesting objects of scientific study in our solar system because it contains a large reservoir of salty water between its rocky core and icy crust.

Hype around Apple headphones is high!

It's not the iPhone 15 launch, but despite all the hype surrounding Apple's AR/VR headset, it would be worth considering. The lack of reaction from the market may be due to the web of secrecy that Apple maintains about its latest technology, but analysts have in every way leaked and dissected much of what will be in the headphones.

Milky Way, signs of life and water: See what this studies found

A third of the planets orbiting the Milky Way's most common stars may contain liquid water and harbor life, according to a new study based on the latest telescope data.

June's PlayStation Plus monthly games include NBA 2K23

Sony has announced its monthly PlayStation Plus game selection for June. The collection also includes Jurassic World Evolution 2, a construction and management sim where you can build your own Jurassic World theme park.

Ransomware attack exposes sensitive information of nearly 9 million dental patients

A recently disclosed ransomware attack compromised some particularly sensitive medical data. The company has not identified the culprit. MCNA offers one year of free identity theft protection to affected customers.

The next luxury addon to Range Rover: Car seat that vibrates to the beat of music

Many automakers surround you with speakers to create immersive sound, but Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) believes your seat can play a role, too. The system complements the Range Rover Sport's 29-speaker Meridian sound setup, which already includes a subwoofer, but Jaguar Land Rover and Subpac also claim the vibrations can improve your health with six wellness programs.

Amazon Pays $30 Million for Alexa & Doorbell Camera Privacy Breach and one of its subsidiaries reached separate multimillion-dollar settlements with the U.S. Amazon has agreed to pay $25 million to settle allegations that it violated children's privacy by failing to delete Alexa recordings at parents' request and keeping them longer than necessary, according to a filing in federal court in Seattle.

Amazon is settling a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission over privacy concerns about the Ring doorbell

Amazon is paying $5.8 million to settle a recently announced privacy lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission. The lawsuit highlights several cases where hacked cameras were used to sexually harass and spy on women, stalk female coworkers who used Ring products, racially abuse children, and more.