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Complaints Against Trustpilot

Trustpilot is untrustworthy and should be avoided at all costs.
Don't trust Trustpilot. It wasn't even recommended by Consumer Reports!
Don't trust what Trustpilot tells you - they removed honest reviews just to help a company appear better than it is.

Trustpilot Reviews - Read 2,328 Genuine Customer Reviews |

Trustpilot has collected 2328 reviews with an average score of 1.31. They allow scam reviews to flood their website with thousands of 5* reviews, and they get accepted because the reviewed company has bought the reviews.. This company is, if not the worst, it is one of the worst review platforms available to consumers and companies.

Trustpilot Reviews - 879 Reviews of | Sitejabber

879 reviews for Trustpilot, 1.4 stars: “I first complained about Trustpilot removing a genuine review about a company. So I complained to Trustpilot. They wrongly, without a genuine reason that my review was fake, it turned out, the company had paid to have my review removed. I was not...”

Trustpilot no longer a reliable website for honest reviews has lots of fake reviews generated by fake users and bots. Never trust This company is a total scam and should be stopped because they are operating fraudulently and they know that their reviews do not actually reflect the customer service ratings of the company. TrustPilot is a scam site that collects your information and gets paid by selling info

Ripoff Report | trustpilot complaints, reviews, scams, lawsuits and frauds reported, 184 results

Find more than 184 complaints| Ripoff Report. Trustpilot is a scam and they should be avoided at all costs. Trustpilot is not the site you want to trust for reviews of businesses and products. It's no secret that Trustpilot has been accused of deleting negative reviews of companies who advertise with them.

If you want an honest review site don't use Trustpilot

Trustpilot also employs moderators who decide which reviews are acceptable/unacceptable and will simply remove (without your permission or knowledge) any that they don't think should be on display. They take down authentic positive reviews to the benefit of companies that pay them for their services.

Trustpilot: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims | ComplaintsBoard

Trust-pilot removes honest reviews and allows scammers to review their fake scam websites/companies tens of thousands of times yet despite consistent proof of these scams they continue to allow them to use their platform to promote fraudulent business practices.

Man to pay damages over negative TrustPilot review | Hacker News

TrustPilot is a form of near-perfect evil. If someone leaves a negative review of your business on TrustPilot, you can have it taken down... for a measly $400 per month. If you refuse to purchase their premium package, they can prioritize the negative review to be shown above the positive ones until you do

Trustpilot - a dawning realisation that it's a scam! — MoneySavingExpert Forum

Just a word to the wise for those of us that thought that Trustpilot reviews were a useful tool in doing "due diligence" prior to a purchase. My recent experience of Trustpilot has opened my eyes to the fact that the companies which it hosts reviews of are in fact their CUSTOMERS! These companies pay Trustpilot a fee to be on the site - paying the fee gives them certain powers to be able to filter and limit the comments that are made by consumers.

TrustPilot Fake Reviews Make TrustPilot Untrustworthy

I won’t recommend anyone to use the website I spoke with the rep before I agreed. Trust pilot is harmful to every small business owner. Trustpilot is fake. They will harass you a million times until you remove negative reviews. not to have trustpilot paid by these companies to act on their behalf it’s disgusting and misleading. Trustpilot is a scam

Can be trusted or is it all just a scam? Full of manipulated reviews, unethical removal of negative reviews by compliance teams, bias toward paying clients. In short no. Trustpilot is completely corrupt and dishonest. They game their own system, manipulating reviews in the favor of their paying customers, and they will also delete any negative reviews about themselves.

Can Trustpilot be trusted? In short No

This company is obviously in the business of posting fake reviews for scam and rip-off companies. Trustpilot is a "review" site that allows companies to pay for positive or negative reviews. Trustpilot is an unreliable source of reviews. No way for you to know which are paid and which are not. Trustpilot also employs robots to write fake reviews to ensure that as many as possible are positive.

TrustPilot Fake Reviews Make TrustPilot Untrustworthy

I have seen many fake 5-star and 1-star reviews on TrustPilot. So, TrustPilot enjoys the traffic they receive through companies’ names and fame, while they don’t care whether their reviews are misleading people or not. Trustpilot has an army of staff who sit and write fake reviews on Trustpilot itself A trustworthy company would never call itself Trustpilot, because that name would immediately be seen as untrustworthy.

Deceit by Trustpilot by writing "good" fake reviews

Trust-pilot removes honest reviews and allows scammers to review their fake scam websites/companies tens of thousands of times. If you don’t pay the 200+ a month they will flag the majority of your reviews for your site, and they’ll probably remove this review too. Trustpilot site is full of fake accounts with 1 review of 5 star. And this happens not daily but hourly using automation

Trustpilot Review: deceit by trustpilot by writing good fake reviews -

Consumer complaints and reviews about Trustpilot London, Scotland, Lothian. deceit by trustpilot by writing good fake reviews. Online Shopping. One such liar of a website is trustpilot

Complaints Against Trustpilot

Like any other bureau which pretend to be fair and trusted platform, Trustpilot manipulates and silences negative reviews. These scam facilitators won't let me post a genuine review. I will not be using trustpilot again. Taking down genuine reviews warning people about certain companies but leaving the fake reviews the fraudulent company has made. Trust Pilot is aiding and abetting theft and fraud.

Can you trust Trustpilot? How to spot fake ultrasound reviews – Animal Ultrasound Association

Buying an ultrasound machine used to be a very different process. A purchase involving hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds was one in which people invested months of research, many phone and email conversations, and often met with the ultrasound company face-to-face to try out the equipment, receive training and establish trust.

Fake reviews undermine confidence in Trustpilot - Investors' Chronicle

Businesses prove successful at removing one-star reviews, yet customers have a much lower success rate after flagging potentially fake ratings. even as consumers are relying more than ever on online ratings systems, Trustpilot is now worth around half of its valuation at the time of its IPO, one year ago. The Denmark-founded business hosts customer reviews of companies

Fake reviews undermine confidence in Trustpilot

This site removes negative reviews and only keeps positive ones. It is paid by companies to take reviews and has a conflict of interest. Trust pilot cant be trusted. i’ll never trust trust pilot again. You are allowing companies to falsely portray themselves as trustworthy and of good standing when they are in fact parasitical.

Trustpilot lifts a lid on fake reviews - MediaCat

Trustpilot’s first transparency report reveals one in twenty reviews are fakes, Sean Hargrave reports. If you have ever wondered how big the problem of fake online review is, Trustpilot has come up with an answer.

More than one in twenty reviews on Trustpilot are Fakes

This company is in the pockets of multinationals who protect corrupt online companies in order to manipulate and coerce the general population. Poor investigation into bad reviews questions Trustpilot's credibility! I do not trust "Trust"pilot anymore. Unfortunately, Trustpilot isn’t reliable. Very disappointing in service and would not trust any reviews from them.