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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Tips to Improve Your Bali Holiday Experience - Worry-free, delightful times on the balmy tropical island

A vacation in Bali means you are in for some tropical island idyll. The gorgeous beaches, iconic rice paddies and the slew of ornate temples make the perfect recipe for a blissful getaway. Nevertheless, loading up on these Bali travel tips can only add to making the trip of your dreams a reality.


When is it best to go to Bali? - the high, the low or the shoulder?

Among all things wonderful about Bali, one of the things that take precedence in appealing to travellers around the world and making Bali the popular tourist hotspot it is, is the year-round balmy tropical weather. But, as with almost all other tropical destinations, Bali too sees its share of rain — referred to as the wet season, which presumably lasts from October to March — while the rest of the year is the dry season. The majority opinion has that the best time to visit is between May and September in the dry season when the skies are bright, and the atmosphere is pleasant. However, it is also when the tourist island sees its biggest crowds as well as when prices reach their peak.


Bali is not without crowds - not your untouched island paradise

For a tourist destination with a reputation as incredible as Bali's, it is only normal that you expect considerable levels of crowds who also come to savour the charms of the idyllic tropical island. The dry season from April through September is the busiest time of the year and is when the island sees its biggest crowds. Even outside of the high season, it wouldn't be surprising if you find more crowds than you expected in this part of the world.


Low season = rainy season - brief afternoon downpours, not a total holiday killer

The low season on the island of Bali, which presumably lasts from October to March, is considered to be the wet or rainy season and, according to popular opinion, is best avoided, sometimes in its entirety. However, prices during this time of the year are undeniably attractive, so much so that it would be a shame to pass them up. For those hoping to pull off a Bali holiday on a shoestring budget, rainfall on the Indonesian Island isn't a total holiday killer as they are mostly brief afternoon downpours that come and go pretty quickly.


Dress appropriately - modesty is not to be forgotten

Bali in Southeast Asia, which draws holidaymakers from almost all parts of the world, still is somewhat conservative in its ways, and as responsible tourists, it is only right that you respect local culture and values. Therefore, modest clothing is something that should not be forgotten (unless when at your resort pool).


Explore beyond Ubud - get off the beaten track

A Bali holiday itinerary without Ubud is almost non-existent. While the major tourist city is undoubtedly charming, the idyllic island has a whole lot more to offer. For instance, in the seaside city of Uluwatu, things to do are plentiful, and vacationing tourists can also find a slew of fine hotels and resorts, including the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.