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Tips for Preparing For a Trip with Children

How to properly prepare for a trip with children? What is important to know and what preparatory work to do before going on vacation? Here's a list of everything you need to know.


Travel and Health Insurance

Travel and Health Insurance

Don’t forget about travel and medical insurance. This is extremely important, especially when traveling outside the European Union.

If you are traveling in the European Union, take a European Medical Card issued by the Health Insurance Fund for both yourself and your children. The European Health Card allows you to contact the public health authorities of another country for an emergency or acute situation and injuries.


Requirements for Children’s Documents

Requirements for Children’s Documents

Check the validity of both your own and children’s documents. Make sure your identity documents are valid for the entire travel period. Some non-Schengen countries require a passport to be valid for at least 6 months after leaving the country. This is especially important when leaving for the whole winter or traveling for a longer period of time. If the validity of the document is shorter, you will have unpleasant problems with returning home. Children’s documents have a shorter validity period.


Payment Cards

Payment Cards

Check the expiration dates of your payment cards. If you are going to countries outside the European Union — inform your card issuer. Often, banks block payment cards if they notice an unusual payment.

Make sure you have a payment card that will allow you to withdraw money for free while traveling (if you don’t already have one). Typically, banks charge certain fees on withdrawals. The myTU card allows you to withdraw free of charge in any country up to 2 times a month, up to an amount of 200 euro.


Prepare Your Child For the Trip

Prepare Your Child For the Trip

If the child has more than two years old, we strongly recommend that you start preparing him for the trip in advance.

Long before the flight, start talking about the trip with your child. Tell him about the trip, show photos of the plane.
Tell him where you are flying, show photos of the hotel or the country — the child will look forward to the trip. Tell him what you will do when you fly, how you will spend your time. Don't rush.


Making Children Feel Good During the Flight

Making Children Feel Good During the Flight

To prevent the baby’s ears from getting stuck during the flight, you should breastfeed while the plane takes off and lands.

Offer older children to drink water in small sips, give them sucking candies. The game “open your jaws” also helps a lot.

Before the flight, we recommend that children, as well as adults, avoid sweet and fatty foods, as they can cause nausea during the flight.

The most important task for parents is to try to relax. Especially if this is your first trip.


What to Take With You On the Plane?

What to Take With You On the Plane?

1. Diapers. One diaper for three hours of travel.

2. Beverages. Take a couple of beverages.

3. Snacks and food. Take a couple of your favourite snacks too.

4. Pillow and plaid. Before the flight, find out if you need to have these items.

5. Wet and dry wipes, disinfectant. Take a couple of wipes.

6. Medicines. Temperature suppositories, etc.

7. Spare clothes. Always make sure to have a spare set of clothes.

8. Favorite toys. Always take a couple of toys with you.