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Updated by Cecelia Harper on Jan 11, 2015
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European Manufacturers are easy to hook

Many companies who wish to reach out to the Lean, Op-Ex, Engineering and production manufactures in Europe have always faced the lack of updated list for their failure. European Lists with its updated European Manufacturers data and mailing lists can now serve marketers who want to reach out to European manufacturers in a click.

Insurance industry is not too far away!

Traffic accidents are still a major cause of severe injuries and fatalities in the European Union. Hence, this has led to the successful establishment of insurance industry which remains committed to promoting road safety.

Connecting with the technologically connected

It is difficult to connect with that group of people who are technologically connected – we mean the technology users. A database which can connect with this specific group is what will shrink your connectivity.

Take law and lawyers in your hands!

Lawyers are easy to be found but difficult to be connected. Assembling all at one place is not practically possible, but connecting with them at once is. European Lawyers from European Lists makes it easy for people to reach top lawyers located at different European countries and regions. The list is segmented by area of legal practice, annual billing, location and other popular criteria. This segmented list makes it easy to target lawyers practicing in specific businesses.

Physicians lists keeps your worries away!

Your family doctor is not similar to your heart surgeon or an orthopedic. You have different physicians to diagnose and cure you at different levels. So obviously a marketer cannot approach all of them with the same product, as their need varies based on their specialization.

Giving you more reason to smile

Dentistry is one industry which has taken a completely new route of necessity today. Earlier, dentists were contacted only when you have a shaky tooth, or a to get a broken tooth fixed or for a root canal. Today, its gone much beyond that!

Finding Nurses in Europe made easy!

Nursing is an exciting and an in-demand job across Europe. Many youngsters are taking up to nursing and despite the increase in the number of nurses graduating every year, they are still on demand. Nurses have to be trained a lot in dealing with the patients as well as doctors as they work to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness.

Get your data fixed with list append

Data lists and mailing lists are not a cheap buy available at your door step. In order to lay your hands on the most responsive and good quality mailing list, you have to shell out a good amount of money from your kitty. But is this a onetime investment… No!

No calls can go wrong now

To get a positive customer experience, your data quality and the power of your CRM holds the key. They are the main drivers of quality traffic and leads to your business. All that and more could be done when your phone numbers and contact information is updated at all times.

Append all that missing in your data

There are many ways to data append, however the best practices include a lot of systems. The need for data append arises when you want to enhance your customer data for targeted marketing or analytic purposes. A data append can lead a number of issues in connecting with the right customer.

Keeping connected through mails

The initial things what changes when you hop jobs is your email id. Most of the email ids get outdated in a very short span of time. That’s when you come across the difficulties of connecting with your ideal target audience.

Understand data for list success

List success is all dependent on understanding the data you have now . Many a businesses which use order entry and shipping software as their customer collection tools will accumulate several types of data.

Clean and Repair Your Own Data

Data gets decayed pretty fast and data append is something you cannot get away from. But is it practical to get your age old database updated through data append service. The answer is no.

Know the future of your data, before you enhance its past

If you are planning to use your data for tele-calling, to invite your clients either to attend your seminar or event, then there is no point in enhancing the entire data. Just getting the phone append service on your contacts which are less than 4 years old with your company makes sense.

Choose your data Vendor right

There are many firms that offer demographics, psychographics and lifestyle profile data. If you do not have time to research all of them, your data vendor or service bureau is likely to have a data expert who can recommend the right source for your purposes.

Have you Tested and Validated your data

The ideal approach should be that once the data is cleansed and you have zeroed in on a vendor, run a test. Select a random sample of 5,000 records and ask the vendor to run them through the data append process to append the elements you want. This test will let you get an idea on how good the match rate will be for your full file.

When you don't want to shoot in the dark

Marketing is a hard work. Connecting with your customers is also hard. But connecting with the right lead, when he is ready to buy, converting him into a customer and retaining him from slipping away to your competitors is what takes a lot of work. You just cannot shoot in the dark and expect it to hit the right target all the time..

Ever tried to run your data on a reverse mode?

Reverse email appending helps your database, personalize marketing communications and enable direct marketing by attaching names and postal addresses to your email contacts. Research has proven that targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing generates the greatest response rates and, in turn, revenue. However, not many are aware of the reverse appending process. Although it’s a simple appending process, it is one of the most efficient one presently in the industry.

All about ECOA

Many are unaware of the term ECOA which stands for Email change of address. That is the reason they never bother to inform about their change of address. There are another set of people for example those who are in this industry who are very much aware of the term, its use and its purpose, yet they never take this seriously.

Why go for custom built?

Not always that you have a marketing plan, you are sure to get all your database. Many data vendors provide you with the data that is already used by other companies. All you know your own competitors might have used the same data to launch their next marketing plan. Now are you sure of your marketing mails to stand out in the inbox of your customers.

Have you taken up the double opt-in method?

Sending away random mails to random people is not going to fetch you anything much. However, with an opt in mail you are sure to have connected only with those who have agreed to listen to you.

Ever checked the validity of your database?

Here we are talking about how many valid data do you have, and not literally the validity. It would be surprising to learn how many invalid email addresses you collect via web forms and other self-reported collection points.

How good is the data collated from sign up forms?

Customer details collated from sign up forms, event, trade shows, drop boxes most of the time fall into corrupt email ids. Files with bogus, irrelevant email ids needs a major cleaning, and a process put in place to address data hygiene on a regular basis.

When you plan to change your data service provider

Before making that transition, make sure that you seek answers to certain important questions. Do just listen to what your peers say or what the website does. You make a clear check, before hand.

What are you doing with your database?

Did you know that over 90% of marketers outsource some or all of their database management needs. While doing one of our surveys on the industry, we stumbled upon certain facts which include that many companies do not have a database solution that works.