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Updated by Michael Cottam on May 02, 2023
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The Best SEO Resources You've Never Heard Of

My collection of my favorite little-known SEO tools you might have never heard of. Most of these are from people I have known for years in the SEO industry, have spoken at conferences with, etc.

Relevance Score - iPullRank Orbitwise - Cosine Similarity Tool

Brilliant tool by Mike King of iPullRank. Analyzes your content and tells you how relevant it is for a given keyword.

Local Rank Tracking Tool for Maps - Local Falcon

Local Falcon is an amazing local rank tracker to show how your location ranks in Google Maps and the 3-pack.

Google Organic CTR History

This free tool helps you track the evolution of Google click-through rates for organic listings, by position.

Negative SEO Disavow Lists

Through work I've done for a number of clients, I've run across negative SEO attacks many times. This is my set of domains to always disavow - updated daily.

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool by @aleyda

Generate easily the hreflang annotations following Google's specifications for your pages by using the hreflang tags generator tool.

Max Prin's JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator

A structured data generator that supports the creation of JSON-LD markups. Including all of the required item properties and more. Built by my friend Max Prin, here in Bend, Oregon.


Optimize your on page SEO for a given search term. The tool does this by identifying keywords that top-ranking pages for that term have that your page doesn't have.

TripleChecker - Website spelling and grammar error checker

TripleChecker is an automated service for catching spelling errors, grammatical errors, broken links, and other errors on your website. I really like the interface--the report links to the page on your site with the issue, and outlines what the correction should be, whether it's a typo, grammar, broken link, etc. All for $14.99 a month (covers up to 1000 pages to be scanned monthly).

Structured Data & Schema Markup Checker & Visualiser Tool

Edit, test and visualise your JSON-LD and Microdata based structured data. Check your compliance with Much more robust than the standard validator from