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Headline for Exploring Hangzhou's Top Romantic Spots - Enchanted Escapes
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Exploring Hangzhou's Top Romantic Spots - Enchanted Escapes

Hangzhou, found near the delta of the southern Yangtze River, is the capital of Zhejiang province. An hour away from Shanghai via bullet train, Hangzhou is ideal for lovers of natural beauty and is sometimes called a 'piece of heaven' by the Chinese.


Immerse in West Lake 

Picturesque and peaceful, West Lake is Hangzhou's most prominent landmark. Apart from its beauty, this UNESCO Heritage Site has influenced garden layouts in China, Japan and Korea for many centuries. It is believed that the idyllic environment of West Lake encapsulates the symbiotic connection between humans and nature. West Lake has uplifted lovers, and poets for many hundreds of years, so you can recapture this magic with your loved one! For apartments in Hangzhou, the likes of Oakwood Residence Hangzhou are among the best options available.


A day visiting Tea plantations in Longjing 

This extremely scenic locale will be a highlight in your travels to Hangzhou. You can easily spend the whole day here, wandering between tea shrubberies and relishing the fresh Longjin green tea in the multiple tea houses. Nine Creeks is a beautiful area with incredible views that keep getting better as you travel along its path. Before long, be prepared to be inundated with an ocean of green tea bushes in every direction. At Longjing village, you can take the Dragon Well path, another scenic walking trail. The village of Longjin is also very nice, without being touristy. For a fantastic meal after all that exploration, go to Green Tea restaurant, lying midway between Longjing village and West Lake.


Xixi National Wetland Park 

The Xixi marshlands are a nature's bounty not to be missed! You can even explore ancient villages dispersed along its channels. The wetland was inhabited for at least 1800 years, and these old villages were the birthplace of significant cultural practices of the Chinese, like South China Opera and Dragon Boats! Take a traditional Chinese boat called a sampan to visit the Xixi wetlands. Your boatman can expertly guide you along its waterways to its best spots, while you can sit back with your sweetheart, relax and sip on some green tea.


Visit The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the planet's longest canal, extending 1776 km from Beijing to Hangzhou. What's more amazing is that this remarkable construction was built over 2000 years ago. The first beginnings of this UNESCO Heritage Site date to the 5th century BCE. It currently unites the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, two of the most significant rivers in China. 

For the best view of the Grand Canal, go to the Gongchen Bridge. It is a three-arched gravel bridge, 92 m in length, and 16 m tall, dated to the Ming Dynasty. The Grand Canal is best visited at night or just before sunset. Romantic lights are decked along the bridge, with a never-ending string of barges plying through the canal. Once you intersect the bridge, you’ll behold the lovely Qiaoxi History Culture Street, where the ancient homes are transformed into small art galleries, cafes, restaurants and museums!


Go soul searching at Lingyin Temple

Sometimes called the 'Temple of the Soul’s Retreat', it is among the biggest and most prosperous Buddhist temples in China. The temple grounds hold several giant halls, each housing equally massive sculptures of Buddhist deities. The central hall has a 19 m statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha seated on a 10 m elevated lotus flower. While another hall holds hundreds of sculptures in bronze depicting the Arahats, the enlightened disciples of the Buddha. The temple gardens are also beautiful, with a yellow-green-black colour scheme similar to the temple's interior surroundings.