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Delicious and authentic recipes from Real Italiano!

Do you love Italian food, eating and cooking it? If you do, these easy-to-follow recipes are for you. Using authentic Italian ingredients to make the most delicious meals.

Antipasti Platter: The Perfect Antipasto Board Ideas – Real Italiano

We love an antipasto board that’s loaded with yummy nibbles. Learn how to construct the perfect platter and get ideas for your next antipasti! Read more

Easy Gluten-free Minestrone Soup Recipe – Real Italiano

A hearty one-pot gluten-free minestrone soup recipe - perfect for a quick vegetarian lunch.

Pesto Parmesan Pastry Straws Recipe – Real Italiano

A simple and impressive snack recipe ready in under 30min, using some of Italy’s finest pesto.

No-Yeast Focaccia: Easy Yeast Free Focaccia Recipe – Real Italiano

A time-saving and family-friendly, yeast free focaccia recipe. Achieve great Italian flavours using a few cupboard staples fast. See recipe

Quick Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe – Real Italiano

Create this easy, classic Bloody Mary cocktail recipe at home in just a few minutes using fine, Italian ingredients. Read the recipe here.

Pistachio, Cardamom and Polenta Cake Recipe – Real Italiano

A perfect weekend or dinner party dessert - pistachio, cardamom and polenta cake recipe. Adapt easily to make it dairy-free.

Vegan Pesto Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes Recipe – Real Italiano

A speedy and flavourful vegan pesto pasta lunch or dinner idea, a perfect meal-prepping recipe.

Gluten-free Chilli, Olive Oil and Roast Garlic Pasta Recipe – Real Italiano

Whip up this flavoured-packed gluten-free Italian pasta recipe for lunch or a light dinner.

Red Pesto Gnocchi Bake Recipe – Real Italiano

An Italian twist on a cheesy pasta bake. This family-friendly dinner recipe is packed with vegetables and makes a speedy and tasty lunch the next day.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea Pasta Recipe – Real Italiano

This comforting chickpea pasta with roasted veg recipe is ideal for dinner on a cosy night in. It’s gluten-free, packed with vitamins, and vegetarian-friendly.

Healthy Omelette Pancakes with Peppers and Tomato Sauce Recipe – Real Italiano

A guilt-free alternative for Pancake Day, these quick omelette pancakes are delicate and savoury, perfect for a warm breakfast for light lunch.

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe – Real Italiano

A quick, simple, and super easy pizza dough recipe to perfect with your favourite toppings and enjoy the classic Italian comfort food at home.

Roast Potatoes with Allioli Dressing Recipe – Real Italiano

Upgrade your Sunday roast with our creamy and fragrant Mediterranean allioli. Read the recipe here.

Two-step Ricotta and Prosciutto Bruschetta Bites Recipe – Real Italiano

Impress friends and family with bruschetta, a classic Mediterranean light lunch. They’re quick and easy and make a satisfying snack on a sunny day.

Halloumi Ciappe (Flatbreads) with Humous and Crunchy Slaw Recipe – Real Italiano

This vegetarian take on traditional Italian flatbreads is fresh, fragrant and filling, and makes a perfect light lunch or side.

Quick Tomato and Caper Pasta with Lemon and Parmesan Recipe – Real Italiano

Whip up this incredibly easy, flavoursome, and low-calorie pasta dish for a hearty vegetarian lunch or dinner in under 20 minutes.

Easy Panettone Pudding Recipe – Real Italiano

Perfect for using up leftover panettone, whip up this easy, hearty twist on bread butter pudding for a late afternoon dessert.

Vegan Olive, Lentil & Mushroom Burger Recipe – Real Italiano

Description: These juicy homemade vegan burgers don’t compromise on flavour. Enjoy them fried, baked, or grilled on the barbecue on a warm summer’s day.

Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Risotto Recipe – Real Italiano

This creamy chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto dish is a comforting crowd-pleaser, perfect for a rich and satisfying dinner. Cook the recipe now

Smoky Cod and Butter Bean Stew with Red Pesto Recipe – Real Italiano

This simple one-pot dinner recipe is full of goodness and helps make some healthier food swaps. A great go-to dish for one or a family.

Limonata Scones Recipe – Real Italiano

This classic British treat with a tangy Italian twist is a perfect dessert to enjoy with friends and family on a sunny weekend.

Baked Salmon with Spicy Mango Salsa Recipe – Real Italiano

A quick and exciting dinner doesn’t have to be rocket science. Give our speedy baked salmon a go with our hot and fruity salsa! Read the recipe here.

Mediterranean Summer Salad Recipe – Real Italiano

A quick, easy, and cooling super salad recipe that’s filling, full of goodness, and adaptable – perfect for summer cooking! Read the recipe here.

Fiery Huevos Rancheros Recipe – Real Italiano

Packed with protein and flavour, this simple one-pan recipe is ideal for an exciting breakfast or speedy brunch with friends. Read the recipe here.

Cheesy Vegetable Pasta Bake Recipe – Real Italiano

This fuss-free veggie pasta bake with is the perfect comfort food – ideal for family dinners or meal-prepping! Read the recipe here.