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Latest eCommerce News

I would like to share latest ecommerce or mobile commerce related news and topic with my friends of this community.
Perception System walking hand-in-hand with Ecommerce Revolution
Perception System is a leading E-Commerce development company, offering a wide range of e-commerce services at the most competitive rates. The company is always walking hand-in-hand with e-commerce revolution and offers latest and updated e-commerce services that best meet with e-commerce trends.
Want to Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rates? Find 10 Effective Tips
If you have Ecommerce site or you're wondering "What can I do to increase my conversion rates?" then this article might be helpful for you. In this post, we have collected some effective tweaks that improve your website and help to increase conversion ratio. Our tips are best to convert your visitors into customers.
B2b Vs B2c eCommerce: How It Differs From Each Other?
To clear the confusion of readers and some online merchants, here we have discussed some points that show the difference of Business-to-Consumer and Business-to- Business ecommerce solution.
Amazon and eBay - Differences That Should Be Consider
eBay and Amazon both are biggest online shopping destinations. Both websites are popular for their high features and facilities that offered to their customers. 
How to Use Hashtags for Ecommerce? 8 Quick Tips

More than 75% of Twitter users are using hashtags in their tweets, do you know why? It is one of the most popular marketing strategies to promote your products/services among people. However, there are many different ways to use twitter, the most important thing is how and why to use it.

History of Java- Versions, Release Date and Distribution

Are you interested to know about different version of Java? Several changes are seen in Java language since JDK 1.0 and many additions of classes and packages to the standard library. In this infographics, we have presented short wiki different versions with short points of Java lovers.

How to Hire Extra Hands (Employees) in This Holiday Season?

Season sales come with lots of discounts and offers. During season sells, more number of people is shopping, so it is obvious the requirements for extra hands should rise to pack and ship more orders, solve queries of customers, manage marketing campaign, promotional email offers and so on.

7 Proven Methods to Increase Customer Retention for Ecommerce Sites

Building an eCommerce site and understanding how to retain customers requires huge efforts. As you are spending more money, it becomes must for you to pay as much attention to retention to increase your revenue. Read this post and know some effective Strategies for eCommerce Sites that works for your business.

23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2014 (Part - 1)

Now, boosting conversion rate of your e-commerce site is not a big deal as this blog provides you 23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization guidelines of 2014 that you can follow to boost conversion rate of your e-commerce site. You can share your views on these guidelines by commenting below!!

23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2014 (Part - 1)

Now, boosting conversion rate of your e-commerce site is not a big deal as this blog provides you 23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization guidelines of 2014 that you can follow to boost conversion rate of your e-commerce site. You can share your views on these guidelines by commenting below!!

Ultimate Ecommerce Guide For Online Entrepreneurs

So, you are ready to be in charge of your own destiny, but aren’t sure where to start from. Developing online store or expanding online business on the internet is a daunting task as the trend of market changes every new dawn. Click here to read full guide

3 Ways To Expand Your Ecommerce Business Without Getting New Customers

Are you running an e-commerce business and wanted to grow it by pace? If yes, getting new customers is not enough as there are lots of e-commerce retailers, who think that by getting new customers they can expand their e-commerce business worldwide, but they are living in myth.

12 Attitudes Newbie Should Learn from Experienced Software Developer

Why makes developer a great? Some might think his positive attitude while some thinks its experience. Certainly, everyone has different thinking about developers they have worked with those they thought were excellent. However, many a time their judgement is not created on the basis of coding quality and hitting of deadlines. Read Full Story Here : 12 Attitudes Newbie Should Learn from Experienced Software Developer

7 Things That Every Retailer Should Have on Its Ecommerce Product Page

With lots of e-commerce sites on the web, the competition among e-commerce retailers has been increased and every retailer is trying to make his/her site more popular but how? In this blog, I have listed 7 important things that every retailer should include in his/her e-commerce product page.

6 Workable Tips to Manage Yourself in Difficult Customer Service Scenarios

Sales representatives must have to deal with all types of customers, from brute to bully. Once in a while, our representative finds a difficult scenario that comes along and unnerves you. In such situation, you are feeling difficulty in handling challenges with elegance. Read Full Story Here

Dealing with Better Lead/Sales Conversions Problems? 6 Guaranteed Solutions

What's common thing that all businesses today want? Any Guesses?? Let me tell you, every business wants to generate revenue, whether it is small-time owners, shareholders or co-founders. Read Full Post Here

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your X-cart Store For Your Customers

If you are running an X-cart store and want to optimize it for 6 patterns of information seeking, this post can help you out as here I have listed 7 simple ways to optimize your x-Cart store for your customers. You can go through this blog and get huge information.

The Software Developer's Guide- Part 1

Those software developers, who are creating the best codes, are the most successful person. However, if we are looking at the perfect world, success depends on how one can work with people to get their job done. From purchasing refrigerator from to chat with buddies in a Facebook, everything can accomplish through HTTP that managed by software developer. Read Full Guide Here

5 Major Advantages That Compel Ecommerce Merchants to Use CS-Cart

Today, CS-Cart is the most widely used shopping cart solution that allows merchants to develop highly advance e-commerce website of any assize like small to web store to big mall. In this post, I have listed 5 major advantages of CS-Cart that compel e-commerce merchants to use this platform. Read Full Post : 5 Major Advantages That Compel Ecommerce Merchants to Use CS-Cart

Now You Can Have 20+ Mobile UI Frameworks for Splendid HTML5 Apps

HTML5 is spreading its arena more and more in web design and mobile app markets. It is growing like rocket speed. Developers are also triggering it by creating free templates, frameworks and more. Here we have shared 20+ HTML5 mobile UI frameworks to design best for user interface.

7 Advanced & Modern Apps for Real Estate Professionals

For real estate professionals, there are lots of real estate business apps obtainable that can be used to make their task a lot easier. In this blog, I have listed 7 advanced and modern real estate apps for every real state professional to make their job easy. Read Full Story Here

2014’s Top 6 Tools for Lean Web Developers to Use

For web developers, performing their day-to-day task of web development is not as easy as it sounds, it takes lots of attention, dedication and knowledge. However, there are lots of tools that can be used by lean web developers to make their job easy. Read full post here

3 Things to Take Care to Stay Away from Brute force attacks in Joomla CMS

Is your Joomla website victim of Brute force attacks? Here, we have solution for same. In this article, we have listed three effective tips that help your Joomla site to stay away from Brute force attacks. Read More Here

Kick Bad WordPress Developer After Noticing 5 Dangerous Signs

Are you looking for talented developers for your WordPress Project? Check out this post that tells you how to find best developers by avoiding signs of bad WordPress developer. Read More>

Magento, Shopify & PrestaShop – Three Most Popular CMS for eCommerce

Today, you can find lots of eCommerce CMSs that come with different features, functionalities and performance. Mainly, there are three CMSs for eCommerce that are extremely popular right now for their incredible features and functionalities. Read More>

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