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6 Incredible Animals You Can See in Zambia – Discover an abundance of wildlife!

Home to the vast Luangwa Valley, the gushing Zambezi River, the majestic Victoria Falls along with a whole host of National Parks, the landlocked country of Zambia has much to offer in terms of its wildlife. There is no better way to enjoy close encounters with Zambia's wildlife than by heading off on an adventurous safari. Here is a list of seven incredible animals, you will get the opportunity to observe during your time in Zambia.



Lions are the kings of the jungle here in Zambia! And can be found hunting or simply lounging in the thick grasslands of the country. To get the chance to observe large prides in their natural habitats, consider signing up for a safari in the Kafue National Park or the southern region of South Luangwa! If you are really lucky, you will get the chance to watch a pride of lions effortlessly climbing trees in Kafue Park – where the pack is well known for being rather playful.


African Elephants

In Zambia, the largest species of elephant – the African elephant roams the water-rich national parks such as Kafue, Lower Zambezi, and South Luangwa. Easily one of the most endearing mammals, elephants are known to live in a tight-knit, matriarchal families quite similar to us humans. Keen to sign up for an elephant safari? Many a Livingstone hotel in Victoria Falls such as the likes of Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara will be more than happy to arrange for one upon the request of their guests.



Semiaquatic mammals and hippopotamuses are known to spend their days cooling off in the cool waters of the many rivers of Zambia. One will get the chance to spot these large mammals spending hours munching on the grass along the river banks of the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa. Do note it's best to keep your distance since hippos are very territorial. If you happen to hear loud warning snorts, make it a point to quickly move away to avoid being charged.



Shy solo hunters, leopards usually happen to hunt in the woodlands of the Lower Zambezi National Parks and South Luangwa. The best time to catch a glimpse of these sleek and elusive felines is after dusk, so night safaris are your best bet. Do keep in mind, that it's important to stay alert as leopards tend to run away from the jeep lights as quickly and fast as possible.



The Thornycraft's giraffe, a subspecies of giraffe unique to Zambia can be seen gracefully grazing among the towering treetops of Zambia's grasslands. Usually, Giraffes tend to live in large herds of around 20 and use their muscular necks to gently pick the best leaves from treetops - and to fight off any threats if needed.



In Zambia, zebras live in herds spanning anywhere from 20 to 100 and can be seen skittishly grazing amidst the grasslands of most forest reserves in the country. The heaviest zebra populations can be observed in South Luangwa.

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