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Updated by Sarah Williams on Oct 01, 2013
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History Games/Apps

This is a list of games/apps I could utilize in my classroom.

Civil War Interactive

Civil War Interactive is a multimedia resource about the American Civil War. With hundreds of photos, paintings, recordings and videos, it offers a museum-quality experience in your own home. This could be used for grades starting at grade 3 and go all the way up to the 8th grade.

Presidents vs. Aliens™

This app helps you learn about the presidents in a new and exciting way. With your new knowledge, you can use that information to help the presidents defeat the aliens. I thought this would be great to use for extra activities throughout the year. The students should be pretty independent readers. This could be used from 2nd grade and on up to college level.

Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa

This app will help children explore Africa in a fun and exciting way. This would be a great app for kindergarten to first grade students.

Stack the States™

This will be a great resource for students of all ages who are trying to learn states and their capitals to win the game by stacking to reach a certain level. This would be a great app for 1st-2nd grade.

The Civil War Today

This would be a great app for students to see and experience what real documents from The Civil War time looked like and how they are different from ours today. This would be a good resource for students of any age who want to learn more about The Civil War.

We Choose the Moon: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing is an interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Once where only three men made the trip, now millions can. Live event begins 9:32 AM EDT July 16, 2009. Exactly 40 years after Apollo 11 lifted off. This would be a good activity for 4-6th grade.

The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum

The Renaissance Connection explores how visual arts reveal Renaissance innovations in many disciplines which contributed to the making of the modern world. This would be a good resource for 4-6th grade.

Welcome to

"All sales final - no returns! We cannot be held responsible for grave plundering, river flooding or sand erosion, or for physical or spiritual distress resulting from evil spells, lakes of fire, poisonous snakes, eternal limbo, etc. Unused debens are non-transferable and are not considered legal tender in the afterlife."

This sounds like an awesome resources for kids to help them learn about the ancient Egyptian culture as well as how to manage money. I would highly recommend this website. This would be used for 3rd-6th grade.

The Seattle Times | Martin Luther King Jr.

This site will help students gain an understanding of Martin Luther King Jr's life and how important his contributions were to the world. This would be a good resource for 4th grade.

Tales of Future Past

This would be a great resource to teach students about perspective and how that changes over time. This would be a good resource for 2nd-5th grade.