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Updated by Andrea Zimmerman on Nov 23, 2013
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Small Pet Backpack Carriers

Take a look at these small pet backpack carriers. Another way to take your pets with you wherever you go.

Petego LENIS PACK Front Carrier / Back Pack Small Animal Pet Carrier. Size Large 10"L x 7.5"W x 14"H

I have tried 3 different types of carriers and this one is by far the very best. I have a 8 lbs chihuahua that is not fat but a little long. She loves to go everywhere with me and loves to go on walks but doesn't like to walk long and starts crawling up my leg for me to carrier her. She sits in it nicely and seems to really love it

Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier, Red & Black, Medium

This is a great durable carrier. I have used it twice so far to transport my two chihuahuas 6 lbs and 7 lbs with me on flights. This would be the max weight combo I would recommend. My dogs are snug in there but not too tight. I have had no issues fitting this carrier under the seat in front of me. The middle isle is the most accommodating however. Overall, great carrier.

Zanies Casual Canine ZA4512 19 Ultimate Backpack Carrier, Blue

I have an 11 pound Yorkie who loves to go everywhere with me. He was getting a little heavy for me to carry in his dog bag over my shoulder. I wanted something that was not only comfortable for me, but MOST of all comfortable for him. THIS IS COMFORTABLE FOR BOTH OF US..... he has plenty of room to move around and stretch out. Very comfortable for both of us while we are out for our evening bike rides. Highly recommend. Thank you very much. Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack for cats and dogs, Sage: Pet Supplies

I have had this carrier for at least 7 or 8 years. It is still like new and I have 7 cats of various sizes (up to 18lbs) that I haul back and forth to the vet in it. It is sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic. I used to tweak my shoulder picking up those large plastic carriers since you have to have your arm straight out from your shoulder to lift them.

Small Pet Backpack Carriers

By Andrea Zimmerman | Unlike your traditional pet carrier these are styles you can wear on your back.

Small Pet Backpack Carriers

Taking your pets with is is made easier with these small pet backpack carriers. These are just a few of many styles and models.

A Short List of Small Pet Backpack Carriers

Carry your furry friends in one of these small pet backpack carriers. These are just a few models and styles you can find online.

A Variety of Small Pet Backpack Carriers

If you are looking for a new pet carrier take a look at some of these small pet backpack carriers. Yes keep your pet on your back whenever you are out.