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SEO Articles & Posts

Articles and posts about SEO, primarily as it relates to B2B marketing

Google Ranking Factors 2014: Correlations, Testing, & Hypotheses

Rand Fishkin's presentation from the SMX Munich Ranking Factors session on correlations seen with higher Google rankings, testing of anchor text, and some hy...

The Importance Of Responsive Web Design For B2B Sites

The mobile takeover of web surfing activities is growing rapidly each year, so it's imperative for B2B businesses to conform to the trend. Yet, a large number of B2B sites are still not doing anything for tablet or mobile device users. At the same time, traffic from mobile and tablet tends to be much lower [...]

Top 8 SEO Predictions For 2014

It's officially that time of the year again: industry prediction time! Yep, over the next few weeks, everyone who's anyone in the digital marketing industry is guaranteed to pop out of the woodwork to have their say on what they think the 'next big thing' might be for PPC, content marketing, SEO and beyond.

Intermediate SEO: Google Authorship and Author Rank

Search engine result pages are becoming more complicated with every query. What used to be just ten blue links has evolved into a dynamic answer engine, with lots more to consider than the ranking positions of individual keywords. For an exhaustive explanation of the ever-growing list of SEO tasks and responsibilities, spend some time with this blog post by Everett Sizemore.

Google Hummingbird: A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy Just Became Essential

Website and business owners are generally coming to terms with the fact that their sites must be mobile-friendly in order to be accessible and appealing to all types of website visitors. This has been hammered into reality with the release of Google's latest algorithm update, Hummingbird, which enables Google to [...]

Basic SEO for Content Marketing | Kapost Content Marketeer

Share As a content marketer in 2013, there is no way that you haven't had at least a handful of colleagues and coworkers expound on the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Getting your work noticed is what matters, and getting the web pages that you publish to rank well in a Google search is an outstanding way to get noticed.

4 SEO Things Everybody Should Be Doing But Nobody Is

SEO Strategy Tips for the CEO Trying to keep pace with SEO developments can feel like running on a treadmill - no matter how fast you go, you never gain any ground. Nevertheless, there are things companies can do to get a competitive SEO advantage ...

What Google Wants You to Know About Google Analytics

One thing that can make your resume, portfolio, or professional profile stand out is certification in an area of expertise. If you are an analytics professional, you can add a notch to your professional belt by taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test.

19 Content Tools to Boost Your Search Performance

By Lee Odden published August 5, 2013 During a recent #CMWorld Twitter Chat on search and content marketing, I was asked a question: " What tools should content marketers use when it comes to #SEO? #CMWorld? " At the time, I shared a quick list of content tools for search via a series of tweets.

Building the Press Release of the Future

This guest post by You Mon Tsang, SVP of Products at Vocus, originally appeared on Blogging PRWeb. Last week, Barry Schwartz at alerted the SEO community of changes in Google's link schemes document within their Webmaster guidelines.

Did Google Just Kill Guest Blogs?

Google recently updated its algorithm to ban a new set of link building methods, including the large scale use of anchor text driven links in guest blogs. Did Google just kill the guest blog - a common tactic used by SEO and PR firms - as a wide scale tactic?

About rich snippets and structured data

Rich snippets (microdata, microformats, RDFa, and Data Highlighter) Snippets-the few lines of text that appear under every search result-are designed to give users a sense for what's on the page and why it's relevant to their query. If Google understands the content on your pages, we can create rich snippets-detailed information intended to help users with specific queries.

Increase Distribution for Your Branded Content with Microformats

By Andrew Isidoro published May 3, 2013 One of the great things about working in the continually evolving digital industry is the opportunity to work with the new techniques and technologies that emerge to more effectively promote brands online.

Using Page Value in Google Analytics to measure the ROI of content marketing

Under "Ranking" in Google's Webmaster Tools it used to state: "In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages."

Google Adds Structured Data Markup Helper Tool

Google announced today a new, fun and useful tool to help webmasters markup their webpages with schema structured data. Structured data markup can help a webpage enhance its search listings by adding rich snippets to the search results page. Google announced two upgrades here to the structured data tool.

Will [Not Provided] Ever Reach 100% In Web Analytics?

With the news today that Chrome is moving to secure search, marketers may be wondering about the larger picture of using search data in Web analytics. The searches people do that lead them to a site is valuable data to an organization. What other data source do we have that gives us direct access to [...]

How Common Are SEO Problems With Responsive Web Design?

It seems people have strong feelings for or against responsive Web design. My thanks to those with open minds who responded to last month's column on SEO problems with responsive Web design with either praise or reasonable criticism. While I answered the most common criticisms already, one recent comment from Google's John Mueller stood out to me.

How To Do Mobile Keyword Research In 2013

As promised last month, I'll be sharing more information about how to do mobile SEO specifically and less about why to do mobile SEO. This month, I'm going to go through how to do mobile keyword research. First, though, a brief explanation of why to do mobile keyword research.