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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 20, 2023
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5 Exciting Water Sports in the Maldives for You – For a constant adrenaline rush

Seaside bliss, snorkelling, pampering, and feasts are all very well in the Maldives. But if you love adventure - there are plenty of watersports to try during your stay. Consider your stamina, adventurous spirit and wishes before you pick your watersport. We've made a list of the top watersports in the Maldives for your consideration.


How to scuba dive in the Maldives

A number of top resorts in Maldives offer at least a session of scuba diving as part of their all-inclusive package. Check with resorts like the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi to see if they offer packages inclusive of diving. If you love exploring shipwrecks the best time for diving in the Maldives is between January and April. You don't have to be a pro athlete swimmer to dive safely in the Maldives. But you do need to follow the instructions and inform the instructor about your limitations. You can discover many hued sea creatures in natural caves and caverns where corals create a safe haven for a thriving ecosystem.


How to enjoy catamaran sailing in the Maldives?

The best time for catamaran sailing in the archipelago is the period between November to April. Take on the sea depths like a brave sailor to explore its beauty on a catamaran. You can sail close to islands and gaze at sea life and birds flying above. Let the creamy, salty droplets entice your spirit of adventure and capture as many memories as you can. You can paddle all by your lonesome if you're already a pro. But, if you're an amateur, take an instructor along.


How to enjoy kayaking in the Maldives?

The best period for kayaking in the Maldives falls between April and October. You can kayak along the lagoons and stretches of blue filled with sea life. Take charge of your double-bladed oar and let your muscles feel each stroke. Ask your resort for a guide to look for the best spots to capture enchanting moments.


How to enjoy Kite Surfing in the Maldives?

Let yourself go and feel like a free bird as you glide over the picture-perfect vast of blueness. The waters of the Maldives tend to be relatively trouble-free and perfect for Kite Surfing. The best time for Kite Surfing in the Maldives is between April and October. If you've never Kite Surfed before, don't worry, they can teach you the art in no time. You'll soon be skipping, jumping, and gliding over the sea waves, enjoying the freedom of the turquoise seas.


How to enjoy wakeboarding in the Maldives?

This is for those who wish for some next-level sports on the seas. Wakeboarding is all about balance. All you have to do is learn to balance on a board as the boat tows you forward. You get to hold on to a rope and sway in rhythm to the waves and the forward motion of the motorboat. When you first try this sport, put 60 per cent of your body weight on the front feet and choose a short rope.

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