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Headline for Top Things to Do in Bangkok During Songkran - Traditional Thai new year in the lively Thai capital
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Top Things to Do in Bangkok During Songkran - Traditional Thai new year in the lively Thai capital

April 13 — the traditional Thai new year takes over the Southeast Asian nation, and in the vibrant capital city of Bangkok, there's a whole host of things to do to celebrate the 5-day nationwide holiday. Come, experience all that is fun and exciting about Songkran in Thailand's beating heart.


Join the water fight on Khao San Road - your fill of fun and thrills on the new years

Thais and those familiar with the traditional new year outside the Southeast Asian nation know that it wouldn't be Songkran without the throwing and sprinkling of water. What better place to make a splash on the new year than the backpacking heart of Bangkok, the bustling Khao San Road — a destination that both locals and tourists eagerly anticipate as a hotspot for celebrating the new year with fun and excitement. The short street in central Bangkok is lively with uninhibited revellers equipped with buckets of booze, and of course, water guns and truckloads of water. The crowds are wild, the music is blaring, and the spirits are soaring high.


Watch traditional performances at Sanam Luang - delightful cultural entertainment, a pleasurable vibrant spectacle

The infamous water fights that shower the streets of Bangkok may claim the title as the most Songkran thing in modern-day Thailand, but the traditional new year is just more than that. Away from the fun and craziness of the likes of the aforementioned Khao San Road, the public square of Sanam Luang, in the vicinity of Bangkok's most revered Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, plays host to a series of cultural performances, which showcases Thai culture, heritage, and values, and offers a glimpse into the history behind the traditional new year.


Visit the sacred temples of Bangkok - open yourself to the religious side of Songkran

Despite all the fun and vibrancy that are associated with Songkran, it is, by all means, a sacred and religious event, especially given that it is an event in the Buddhist calendar. So, what better time to visit Bangkok's renowned ornate temples and experience the Songkran atmosphere in these sacred sites! Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, and Wak Saket are some of the most popular temples during the five holy days of Songkran.


Experience authentic Songkran - capture the true spirit of the traditional new year

While it is undoubtedly tempting to let yourself loose in a wild water fight or enjoy a night of partying, it would be totally rewarding to dedicate at least one day out of your 5-day holiday in the authentic way it was meant to be back in the day — spending time with your family, engaging in religious deeds and devoting yourself to activities that share the holiness of Songkran.


Shop the bustling Bangkok malls - a slice of retail therapy for the longing shopper

Bangkok and the city's association of shopping hardly needs an introduction, and during the festive season of Songkran, it is no less incredible. Treat yourself to a slice of Thai-style retail therapy and grab a bite to eat at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok offered by the likes of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.