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Automated Construction Management Software

Top 10 Applications of Satellite Imagery & AI

Satellites have been used for a long time to get a variety of information about the surface of the Earth, such as tracking surface vegetation, global weather patterns, ocean currents and temperatures and several others.

5 Ways How viAct can Ensure Tower Crane Lifting Zone Safety

Tower cranes are a common sight in the construction jobsites. These are amongst one of most important and expensive equipment used in construction sites. Tower cranes are especially common in Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) jobsites.

5 Ways How AI can Optimize Space Management in Facilities

Space management is inevitable for effective facilities management. In fact, many businesses struggle to optimize their space to improve workflow and increase productivity.

Building Safer Worksites: Exploring the Latest Technology Options for Smart Site Safety Systems

Workplace safety is a crucial notion, especially in critical jobsites. However, in the recent times several technology options for smart site safety systems have been emerging that are playing a crucial role in building safer jobsites.

5 Major Safety Issues in Oil & Gas Industry that viAct can Mitigate

The value and importance of the oil & gas industry is not unknown to any of us. Despite its sheer importance, the processes of exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation of oil & gas – that constitutes the whole of Oil & Gas Industry – poses great risks to both men and materials.

Unveiling the Growth Potential: An Overview of the Indian Construction Industry

With a vast workforce and a growing demand for infrastructure, the Indian construction industry faces both opportunities and challenges as it strives to meet the country's evolving needs while embracing technological advancements and ensuring sustainable practices.

How to Prevent Falls From Height with AI Video Analytics?

A fall can be simply defined as an injury that is caused to a person when they land on the ground after falling from a higher place, like a ladder, scaffold, building, roof, or other elevated place or work area. Such falls may cause serious injuries such as fractures, bone breakage and even death.

The Future of Indian Railways: Exploring the Potential of AI and Emerging Technologies

AI & other emerging technologies like ML & IoT have immense potential to revolutionize the entire Indian Railways system into a safer, more efficient and a passenger- friendly mode of transportation.

Championing Workplace Safety & Sustainability: viAct's Tech Pioneer Honor by World Economic Forum

viAct’s has been honored as "Tech Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum. This recognition highlights viAct's pioneering efforts in championing workplace safety and sustainability worldwide.

Smart Site Safety System Becoming Must-to-Use in Saudi Arabia’s Infrastructure Development

The Smart Site Safety System (4S) that use advanced technologies like AI for Workplace Safety can monitor jobsites and identify potential safety hazards in real-time; thus, boosting workplace safety in Saudi Arbia.

5 Ways How Facility Management Software Can Aid Waste Management in Facilities

Facility management software can be an important tool for facility managers as it can aid effective wastes management in facilities by streamlining waste management processes, thus, making them more effective and sustainable.

How AI-based Visual Inspections and Quality Control Can Prevent Anomalies in Manufacturing Plant?

The manufacturing industry contributes significantly to the economy, regardless of its geographical location and the type of product(s) it is manufacturing. Anomalies detection is crucial in manufacturing plants, for upholding quality standards. Therefore, it needs to implement stricter quality checks for the products.

How Can AI Make Oil & Gas Industry A Safer Place to Work?

The Oil & Gas Industry is one of the most important industries contributing to the world's fuel. In terms of dollar value, it is one of the largest sectors in the world, generating approximately $5 trillion in global revenue as of 2022.

Worker Woes, Project Flux & Safety Breach: How AI can rescue Singapore Construction Industry

Singapore is one of the most modern nations in the world, with its government spending continuously on infrastructure development projects throughout the nation.

From Vision to Implementation: How viAct’s AI Solutions Can Bring Smart Cities to Life

From the realm of vision to the realm of implementation, viAct's AI solutions can emerge as a driving force in bringing smart cities to life.

The Transformative Power of AI Video Analytics for Government Agencies: 5 Key Reasons to Implement

Discover the power of AI video analytics for government agencies. Enhance security, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights with cutting-edge technology. Embrace the future of governance today.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Now a Critical Aspect in Construction Safety

Uncover the critical role of AI in construction safety and its impact on safeguarding lives and optimizing construction processes.

Beyond Helmets and Harnesses: The Future of AI in Construction Safety

The future of AI in Construction Safety promises groundbreaking solutions that not only minimize risks but also revolutionize the way projects are planned, executed, and maintained. Discover how the AI in construction safety is revolutionizing the safety performance in the construction industry. Explore innovative applications, benefits, and challenges for creating a safer work environment.

Boosting up Saudi Arabia Construction Industry with AI: Improving Workforce Safety & Productivity

The Saudi Arabia Construction Industry can easily augment their jobsite safety and productivity with viAct construction management solution.

Future-Proofing Safety: viAct Ensuring Hazardous Area Access Control & OSHA Compliance with AI

Discover how viAct leverages cutting-edge AI technology to guarantee Hazardous Area Access Control and ensure OSHA compliance in the ever-evolving landscape of workplace safety.

5 Remarkable Applications of AI in Manufacturing Industry

Explore how AI is empowering manufacturers to confront common challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and adhere to stringent safety and sustainability standards. Learn more about AI in Manufacturing Industry

Top 5 Applications of Construction Robotics

The construction industry has huge economic importance, yet it is beset with inefficiencies. As a result of this, the productivity in the construction industry has hardly increased. In such a situation, ‘robotics’ have a great potential to revolutionize the construction industry and drive in several advantages to it.

5 Ways AI Video Analytics Can Promote Forklift Safety in Manufacturing Plants

Learn How to Ensure a Secure Workplace Environment. Explore Key Tips and Guidelines for Forklift Safety in Manufacturing. Protect Your Team and Boost Productivity Today

Reduce construction fatalities with viAct’s AI powered Danger Zone Detection Solution

viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution is a tailor-made AI Video Analytics enabled construction management system that is specially designed to detect instances of danger zone intrusion to prevent fatal injuries in the construction jobsite.

How Can AI Make Oil & Gas Industry A Safer Place to Work?

viAct’s safety inspection software for the oil and gas industry uses industrial grade video analytics to ensure accurate and real-time monitoring of safety conditions in the oil and gas industry