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Updated by Richard Spencer on Apr 02, 2023
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10 awesome gardening tips you should try out

In this space, you'll discover an array of captivating topics that delve into various facets of gardening, including color schemes, innovative planting ideas, and the latest trends in the market. Additionally, I'll be sharing my personal perspectives on these topics to help you gain more insights and make informed decisions.

6 awesome black flowers that will add interest to your garden

6 awesome black flowers that will add interest to your garden

Have you ever considered planting black flowers in your garden? There are many benefits to this shade including providing a dark backdrop to your foliage, a contrast in the color of your other flowers, and finally, the ease of caring for them.

learn more about design ideas and general care tips on light and soil for these flowers and how they can add interest to your yard

31 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas Worth Recreating

31 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas Worth Recreating

Here The Spruce has published an awesome guide on what 31 plants go best in your borders

When should you plant summer

When winter comes to an end, the spotlight shines on spring bulbs. These are the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths that fill our gardens with color after being planted with anticipation back in the fall. But while enjoying the cheery spectacle, it pays to think ahead once again, and start planning our summer garden show.

How to transform.your garden into oasis

Looking for ideas to enhance your garden with water features?

These unique water features ideas will transform your outdoor space into a peaceful oasis.

9 Best Privacy Shrubs

Whether it's to screen a view, hide an eyesore or gain some privacy from prying eyes, these shrubs offer homeowners a lot of value.

Shrub Prunning | Idogardening4u

Clipping back large and small shrubs to size during spring and autumn

removing garden debris

How to.grow flowers suitable for cuttings

Placing a freshly cut bouquet of flowers on your kitchen island or dining room table will brighten up your whole house and give it new life. However, maintaining this decoration can get quite pricey

Read More:

Diagnosis | Houseplant Myth Busting | Royal Horticultural Society

Are you worried about how your houseplant is looking? The odd yellow leaf and brown tip here or there is not a problem 🌱However, if you think there is a mor...

Clay, Metal , or Composite? Choosing the Right Outdoor Planter for Your Needs - Gardenista

Don’t let a small space or the lack of a yard prevent you from dreaming big. You can host a thriving garden in a planter: Group vegetables and herbs for a

How to Create a Dreamy English Cottage Garden

Everything you need to know about creating a picturesque English cottage garden in your own yard. Find out what to plant in an English Cottage Garden and how to decorate your outdoor space to create that perfectly idyllic setting.

Low-maintenance garden border ideas: What to plant along a garden edge

What to plant along a garden edge

@savygardening just reposted this awesome guide on what to plant on edges in your yard to cover up its rough edges.

How to Transform Your Patio into a Private Nirvana - Backyard Patio Design Ideas

This summer, you can find us patio-side.

In this article by elledecor it shows a sample of patio furniture ideas for your back yard
From a simple basic to more lavish

Garden Mastery: Tropical staghorn ferns take root here - The San Diego Union-Tribune

How to mimic a .native staghorn ferns habitat to maximizes their growth potential

The key to successfully cultivating staghorn ferns in “captivity” is to, as much as possible, mimic the environment and conditions found in their native habitat.

Lawn experts urge gardeners to take action now before weather warms up - Leicestershire Live

Gardeners looking to get the perfect lawn will need to remove moss before the temperature rises

Gardeners share how to get rid of lawn moss: ‘Best’ tip to use - leads to a ‘greener’ lawn |

Moss can be described as ancient flowering plants found all around outdoor areas, from roofs to the cracks in the pavement, but most commonly in lawns. Luckily, gardeners have shared their ideal methods to deal with this garden growth.

6 jobs you need to do in the garden this spring, according to experts | Bournemouth Echo

Spring is the busiest event in the gardeners calander

With the garden coming to life and a spring in your step, now's the time to show your outdoor space a little love and affection.
Source Bournemouth echo

Experts on the six jobs to do in the garden as spring gets going - Wales Online

Winter is in the rear view mirror so now's the time to get started

7 ways to save money on house plants | BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Sarah Gerrard-Jones shares her favourite ways to expand your house plant collection, without breaking the bank, from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Bee Friendly, Plant This and Not That! | Morning Ag Clips

CARLISLE, Pa. — Join the Penn State Master Gardeners of Cumberland County for the 2023 Gardening with Nature program series of presentations on environmentally friendly gardening topics from March through September. The first program is “Bee Friendly, Plant This and Not That!” on Tuesday, March 21, 7:00-8:30pm. This in-person program will be held in the Community Room at the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library at 100 N. 19th Street in Camp Hill.

Study explores how gardening can benefit the quality of life of people with dementia

We know gardening can help people flourish, and now a study will explore how it can particularly benefit those with dementia.

See how different the late Queen's garden looks during a makeover by King Charles II

Sandringham gardens is having a make over

King Charles is renovating Sandringham gardens – take a look at the progress so far, and learn more about the monarch's plans source @homesandgardens
Read more here sandringham gardens

Artificial grass alternatives: low-maintenance, plastic-free lawn ideas that don’t cost the earth

10 Alternatives to astro turf

Think carefully before you rip up your lawn in favour of potentially harmful artificial grass.
1 Dirty lawn