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Updated by nightwatchmanmusic1 on Mar 01, 2023
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5 Best Horror Movies of 2022 That You Can Stream Right Now

Get ready to be scared! Check out our list of the best horror movies of the year, filled with spine-tingling scares, creepy creatures, and chilling thrills. Don't miss out on the top horror films that will keep you on the edge of your seat all year long.



"Barbarian" is a great film, with masterful direction that keeps you on your toes throughout. The characters are introduced efficiently, making the eventual carnage all the more nerve-shredding because no character is disposable. However, the film's narrative and pacing are not as tight as they should be, and the last act takes a dive into campy, which may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Despite this, "Barbarian" is still a subversive horror flick with many satisfying twists, making it worth a watch."



Some reviewers are dismissing this movie as pointless and terrible, but they're missing the deeper message Peele is trying to convey. This isn't your typical horror flick, but more of a satire on big-budget movies, with some funny parts thrown in. The "entity" in the movie is really imaginative and can be very scary. The cinematography is amazing, and Kaluuya's acting is excellent even when he's not speaking. The script is strange, but overall, it's still pretty good.



I really enjoyed this movie. It's a classic slasher horror film with a unique twist and perfect 70's style. Although the reasons behind the murders are a bit far-fetched, the gruesome visuals and gore make up for it, as long as you can handle it. The suspense builds up gradually throughout the movie, making you feel the impending danger looming ahead. The directing, clever editing, and excellent photography are also contributing factors that create a creepy atmosphere.



"Pearl" is a movie by Ti West that follows the story of the villain from his previous film "X". It takes place in 1918 Texas, where Pearl is a lonely and dreamy young woman who feels trapped by her family obligations while her husband is away at war. Pearl finds solace in the local cinema, where she fantasizes about becoming a movie star. Her yearning for a more exciting life and some psychological predispositions to insanity lead her to commit some unspeakable acts.



This movie proves that even the simplest ideas can be successful when executed well. Despite the fact that the horror in this film revolves around something as basic as a smile, it works incredibly well thanks to the perfect direction, stunning cinematography, and amazing score. What's even more surprising is that this film was made by an amateur filmmaker, Parker Finn, who wrote and directed this as his first feature film based on one of his only two prior short films.