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Updated by Saul Fleischman on Sep 29, 2013
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Please get them from and search the Ideas. Welcome ideas that have their own URL, from other sites. Post the idea page URL and your comment on an idea worth developing. Please do one submission for each idea.

Faster shopping on Internet

I would like to create a web application that would speed up shopping on the internet e.g. on In the application you uploaded an image of what you want and after that chosen according to similarity search. Applications should show a percentage according to the similarity.

We don't mind if you have little ones, big ones, if they hang or if they point in different directions. We do want to know that they are home-grown, and not made of plastic, silicone, or other non-bio-degradable substances. Silicone parts are made for toys, not for real men to play with.

Personal Timeline

In the midst of social networks and fast-paced everything, people tend to lose themselves. Have you ever forgot when and why you last made that pivotal decision in your life? Have you ever feel like you're just always on-the-go and trapped in the present, never able to remember and cherish moments from the past?


This could be a website for sharing parodies of songs by viewing the original song and pressing "add parody". The user could then click on each line of the original song to add in the parodie's version below it. It would be a combination of lyrics site and parody site.

Connect young scientists and businesses

We are working on a project which aims to connect scientists and businesses. Science in the Czech Republic is underfinanced (I believe in other countries too) so young smart minds are forced to look for patrons or commercial ventures to support their research.