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Sunvik Steels

Sunvik Steels is one of the best leading tmt steel manufacturers & suppliers in Bangalore, India. We are one of the top steel tmt bars manufacturers providing best quality tmt steel for large constructions, industrial buildings.


A Strong Choice for Strong Structure

A Strong Choice for Strong Structure

Sunvik steels is designed for high strength and long life. It provides strength & durability and fulfills all the needs of a structure. Choose Sunvik, the Inner Strength of the buildings.


Choose the right foundation for the right future - Sunvik Steels

Choose the right foundation for the right future - Sunvik Steels

Sunvik Steels TMT bars have unmatched strength, and they provide superior construction because they are made from the highest-quality iron ore. The structures they support have unrivalled strength and excellent build quality. For strong constructions, choose Sunvik Steels.


Any Design Achievable With High Bendability

Sunvik Steels can be moulded into a variety of shapes and styles to produce works of art since they have high strength and bendability. Choose Sunvik and achieve even the most complex of designs.


Sustainable Future Only possible through Greel Steel

At Sunvik Steels, using green technology to facilitate a peaceful coexistence with nature is the core of our work. Our environment-friendly and sustainable approach help us eliminate the threat of pollution. Green Steel is the answer for a sustainable future.


Unmatchable Strength for Superior Build Quality

Sunvik Steels are made from the finest iron ore, providing the structures with unmatched strength and superior build quality. Choose Sunvik for strong creations.


Formulating a better future with green steel.

Formulating a better future with green steel.

Green steel is the need of the hour. At Sunvik Steels, our core mission is to promote peaceful coexistence with the environment by utilising eco-friendly technologies. Our production of steel bars causes no pollution or waste and helps in formulating a better future for our planet.


Incridible strength due to the Thermex Technology

Sunvik manufactures its TMT bars using the Thermex Technology. A quick, intensive, but precise in-line cooling of the rolled bar is imparted in the Thermex process. A cooled, hardened product emerges from this process. Thermex Technology has enabled the production of desired high-strength TMT bars that meet all civil construction requirements.


Wonderful Weldability to join the dots of your dream home

Sunvik Steels can be formed into various shapes and styles to create works of art because of their exceptional strength and weldability. With Sunvik, you can execute even the most complex projects. Give your home the Inner Strength and Trust it needs, choose only Sunvik.


Steel production that embraces sustainability

Steel production that embraces sustainability

Sunvik Steels embraces sustainability with in-house power generation and a zero solid waste disposal system. Our responsible and sustainable approach helps in reducing the threat to the environment. Green steel is the answer to a sustainable future.