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Headline for 5 Unbelievable Places to Visit in Kandy, Sri Lanka, in 2 Days - The hillside capital of Lanka
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5 Unbelievable Places to Visit in Kandy, Sri Lanka, in 2 Days - The hillside capital of Lanka

Kandy is a city of many charms. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will draw you in with its quaint beauty, rich culture and history. Check out below for some of the best attractions to visit while in Kandy.


The Temple of the Tooth

This elaborate temple is where the sacred tooth relics of the Lord Buddha are placed. The temple has a unique and elegant architectural style! It has a distinct Kandyan style of art and architecture. Inside the main chamber, the tooth relics are placed in a large casket of pure gold. There are seven protective layers to the casket. You can also find The Royal Palace Complex of the Kings, the ancient law courts, 'Magul Maduwa', and a temple for the god, Natha, within the premises.


The Kandy Lake

This man-made lake in the middle of picturesque Kandy Town was a creation of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe in 1807. Presently, it is a favoured location for young lovers, children and families to spend their free time. You can also encounter ruins of the kingdom, like the Queen's Bath House near the lake's periphery.
Discover a peaceful bench where you can unwind and soak in the gentle, refreshing air. As you sit, you'll have the pleasure of observing the waddling ducks and the lush green hills that will take you on a journey into a tranquil state of mind.


Peradeniya Gardens

Situated 5.5 km away from Kandy Town, the Royal Botanical Gardens includes 4000 native plants and beautifully sculpted gardens. The site had a long history under the kings but officially became a Botanical Garden in 1821 during British colonisation. The afternoons are ideal to visit the gardens. You can stroll along the shaded flower trees and gardens and settle down for a picnic. Across the road is the beautiful campus grounds of the University of Peradeniya, built on the downward incline of the Hanthana Mountain Range. The Mahaweli River flows through the campus grounds, while stretches of manicured lawns, ancient trees, flowers, an open-air theatre, and bridges bedeck the place even more.


Udawattakele Forest Reserve

Found on the northern cliffs of Hantane, the forest reserve overlooks the Temple of the Tooth and the Royal Palace. For the Kandyan kings and their consorts, it was a pleasure garden. Now, however, it is a protected reserve. The public is allowed to trek via certain pathways, while its full extent is 257 acres. You may encounter reptiles, birds, deer and a variety of indigenous flora. Certain sections of the mountain reserve are inhabited by meditating Buddhist monks. You may even stumble upon some caves used by the monks.


Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya is an old Buddhist temple built on a flat rock surface. Inscriptions inside the temple state that it was constructed by King Buwanekabahu IV in 1344. Its architect was a South Indian called Ganesvarachari. There is a stupa, sculptures, shrine rooms and frescoes dating to the Kandyan period.
Inside the temple grounds stand another small stupa created by rock. It sits on four pillars, and four smaller stupas encircle it. It is thought to be built by King Parakramabahu V. This temple design remains among the rarest on the island!


Explore the market

The central market lies between Sri Dalada Veediya Road and Colombo- Kandy Road. Also called the old Kandy town, it is filled with myriad sellers bartering various goods. You can spot fresh fruit, vegetables, snacks, clothes, branded knock-offs, caps, t-shirts, shoes, toys, gadgets, electrical ware and more. On most days, it is filled with people going about their business. Just the place to people-watch! You can also check out Giragama Walawwa nearby, a spectacular Kandyan-style ancestral house. If you're looking for accommodation in Kandy a 5-star hotel the likes of Earl's Regency Kandy will have you covered!


Sunset at Arthur's Seat

Located within the city limits of Kandy, Arthur's Seat is a vantage point that ascends over 1790 feet and provides a breathtaking view of the charming Kandy Town. From this elevated position, one can admire the splendid Temple of the Tooth, the scenic Kandy Lake, and the majestic Royal Palace. On a clear day, the peaks of the Hantana mountain range and the verdant tea estates of the surrounding areas are also visible.