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Headline for Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka for a Stunning Holiday - Discover the hidden beauty of this island paradise!
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Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka for a Stunning Holiday - Discover the hidden beauty of this island paradise!

Sri Lanka boasts a plethora of stunning locations and a diversity that is unmatched. From golden beaches to misty mountains, free-roaming wildlife to ancient stupas, this little island has a lot to offer.


Knuckles Mountain Range

This strikingly beautiful mountain range, resembling the knuckles on a folded hand, is made up of 34 peaks, ranging in height from 900 to 2000 metres. While some areas remain closed to visitors to preserve the unique biodiversity, many trails within the UNESCO World Heritage Site are open to the public. A guided trek is recommended, as it will take you to the best locations, including pristine waterfalls, caves, rivers, and colossal trees, where you are bound to spot various wild animals and rare plants.


Enchanting Castlereagh

Located in a secret ravine near Hatton, Castlereagh is a reservoir and one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Its clear waters are surrounded by green mountains, alpine forests, and tea shrubberies, offering visitors plenty of outdoor activities like canoeing, cycling, and picnics. Charming bungalows can also be found along the banks of the reservoir, making it an ideal spot for a multi-day stay. The reservoir is also home to an important hydropower station, which supplies electricity to the area. Additionally, a mini airport in the vicinity makes a scenic seaplane journey from the capital a breeze.


Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve

Ritigala is a mountain that houses an ancient forest and a Buddhist monastery where monks lived and meditated. The mountain is believed to be the abode of the famous Ritigala demon according to village folklore. Over 70 caves, which the monks used for their meditation and as living quarters, are scattered across the forest. The reserve is a strict nature reserve, home to endemic wildlife, plant life, and ancient ruins, and is buried deep in a thick forest, 43 km from Anuradhapura.



Passikudah is a charming beach town located on Sri Lanka's eastern coast, renowned for its stunning beach where both tourists and locals relish the calm waters and golden sand. With a long reef and soft waves, it is an ideal location for children to play and swim. The reef extends for about 2 km before gradually deepening into the mid-sea. There are also plenty of top resorts in Sri Lanka that are found around Pasikudah, offered by popular chains such as Aitken Spence Hotels.


Dambulla Cave Temple

Just a 20-minute drive from the famed Sigiriya, the Dambulla Rock Cave Temple is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest and best-preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka. The temple complex is built upon a rock over 160 meters in height and towers over dense forests. With over 80 caves within the temple grounds, five in particular are the most visited. Inside these caves, you will find frescoes and statues of the Buddha, along with stories detailing his past lives and those of his disciples. The cave art and sculpture are impressive, boasting examples of ancient Sinhalese art.

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