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Learn More About Your Dog with the Dog Tail Position Chart - Paws Earth

It is important to remember that dog tail structure differs with different dog breeds. Short, twisted tails are common in some breeds, whereas long, drooping tails are common in others. To Know everything about Dog Tail Position Chart, visit our official website.

Dog Tongue Color Chart: The Tongue Speaks More Than You Think - Paws Earth

Being a dog parent is nothing less than being a human child’s parent if nothing more. The biggest fear any parent has is about the health of their child. When your child is a four-legged furball, the tension remains the same. So, what you need is an idea regarding ensuring your dog is perfectly fine daily on your own. That is where the Dog Tongue Color Chart enters.

Everything to Know About the English Cocker Spaniel - Paws Earth

English Cocker Spaniel is a little hunting dog developed to flush and recover games. They are intelligent and naturally curious. The English cocker makes an excellent family pet, as it is a faithful companion for both children and the elderly.

Top 10 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Are Best For Your Family - Paws Earth

Like human beings, every dog has its own distinctive personality and temperament. There are some Dog Breeds That are Affectionate and show love towards their owner. And these dogs are the perfect adventure partners and best friends. To know more visit our blog.

Why is the Golden Retriever Considered a Great Family Pet? - Paws Earth

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized Scottish breed that is normally used as a family pet. Some people train them as gundogs or as guide dogs. They are considered the perfect pets because of their friendly, lovable, affectionate, and gentle nature.

Top 10 Scariest Dog Breeds to Frighten Intruders - Paws Earth

The scariest dog breeds are the great protectors of your home and family. They are known for their unpredictable and aggressive behavior. It is advised that if you are searching for a dog, then you must first research its aggressive nature.

Cumberland Sheepdog: The Obscure Extinct Dog Breed - Paws Earth

The Cumberland Sheepdog is an extinct dog breed that is somewhere related to the Border Collie and other collies of modern times. Since they are extinct, some of you might be interested in knowing all about them as we can not have first-hand experience with them.

Things You Should Know Before You Own a Siberian Cat - Paws Earth

The Siberian is the domestic cat in Russia, and its formal name is the Siberian Forest Cat. It comes in medium to medium-large sizes. These cats have long, thick, triple-layered coat that protects them from extremely cold Russian weather. They are considered the best feline companions because of their affectionate and friendly nature.

Mysterious Facts About The Chausie Cat - Paws Earth

They are hybrids of jungle cats and domestic cats, born in Egypt several thousand years ago. In this blog, you will read all the Mysterious facts about the Chausie Cat Breed.

Facts About the British Longhair Cat - Paws Earth

The British Longhair is a long-haired breed of domestic cat that originated in Great Britain (United Kingdom). These cats have charming personalities with sweet faces and peaceful character.

How to Find a Lost Dog - Paws Earth

Having your dog go missing, whether they ran away from home or were separated from you while you were outside, can be a very distressing situation. In this blog, we inform you about How to Find a Lost Dog.

Top 10 Dog Movies of 2023 - Paws Earth

This is a list of truly good and intriguing films that are about dogs or include dogs as important characters giving you all the oohs and aahs, even leaving you sobbing and sad for hours after the watch. In this blog, we inform you about what’s so trendy about the top 10 dog movies of 2023 that everyone went crazy over it.

Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Adopt - Paws Earth

The plus point of cute and small cats is that they are perfect for small houses. As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, here you will read about some of the Cutest Cat Breeds who can become your sweet and playful companion.

Top 10 Rare And Unique Dog Breeds - Paws Earth

It has been estimated that there are over 190 varieties of dogs recognized all around the world. But we can’t exactly guess the number of dogs across the globe. Some are pretty and small, while some look fierce and gigantic. In this blog, we inform you about the top 10 dog breeds that are rare and unique.

Top 10 Teacup Dog Breeds - Paws Earth

Teacup dogs are small-sized versions of many dog breeds, and they look like puppies. These pups are the cutest fashion accessories. That’s why many TV stars and singers love to carry them with them. But they require the same training and socialization as other dogs.

Barbado Da Terceira Dog Breed Information - Paws Earth

The Barbado da Terceira dog breed is a medium-sized herder dog breed. They are amazing as family dogs and are good four-legged companions. Their obvious prettiness makes them the barbies of the dog world.

Which Dog is Right for Your Family? A List of Popular Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

If you want to choose the right small dog for your family, then you should know its history, temperament, diseases, and other related facts. In this blog, you will get complete knowledge of the popular small fluffy dog breeds.