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Updated by Selleys Singapore on Feb 21, 2023
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10 Best Home Improvement DIY Guides You Need!

Here are the best home improvement DIY guides for any homeowner. They'll come in really handy when you need to fix or clean something at home!


How To Fix A Leaking Water Tap: 7 Simple Steps With Tools Needed

Is your water tap leaking? Find out the causes for the leakage and the steps to fixing it quickly and easily here. Tips are included too!

How To Change A Water Tap In Singapore: 8 Easy Steps To Follow

Have a faulty, rusty or leaking tap? Here's a detailed guide to help you complete the job in 1-2 hours with just 8 easy steps. Read here now!

Guide To Servicing Your Bicycle At Home: Steps And Tools Needed

Thinking of servicing your bicycle at home? Here's an easy 11-step guide to follow, including tools you need & FAQs answered! Click to read!

Repairing Wall Cracks: Types, Causes And Step-by-Step Instructions

Want to know how to repair a wall crack? We share step-by-step instructions and list some of the common reasons for the crack. Read it here!

5 Ways On How To Clean Rusty Stainless Steel With Tips On Keeping Them Sparkling Clean

Singapore’s humidity level can cause rust to form easily. Learn how you can clean rusty stainless steel with products you can find at home!

How To Clean Your Whiteboard: Do’s, Don’ts And Tips For Effective Cleaning

Can’t get the stains or permanent marker off your whiteboard? No problem! Here are the steps to help you clean your whiteboard effectively.

How To Clean Microwave Oven: 7 Easy Ways To Remove Grease, Oil, Smell And Stains

Want to learn how to clean your microwave with minimal effort? Read on for 7 easy methods that utilise items commonly found in your home.

10 Tips and Step-by-step Guide That Make Cleaning Glass Surfaces A Breeze

Want your mirrors and windows to be sparkling clean and streak-free? Read our guide to learn how you can become an expert at cleaning glass surfaces!

13 Best Shower Heads In Singapore For A Luxurious Bathing Experience After A Long Day At Work

Shower heads determine how the water hits your body when taking a bath. Check out this list of 13 best shower heads in Singapore with prices!

How To Remove Sticky Residue: 13 Effective Ways To Eliminate It For Good

Ever faced a sticky situation where nothing seemed to help? Read our article as we share how to remove sticky residue in 13 easy ways!