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Headline for What you need to know before heading to Maldives – Be informed to make your holiday in the Maldives an ecstatic one!
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What you need to know before heading to Maldives – Be informed to make your holiday in the Maldives an ecstatic one!

An archipelago with many islands, the Maldives lures discerning travellers to bask in comfort and luxury in their picturesque paradise. Be it a cosy rendezvous with your loved one, a happy occasion with family or indulging yourself, be aware of a few things you must know when visiting the Maldives.


Visiting Maldives is not always expensive

It is not surprising that luxury travel experiences offered by high-end resorts on privately owned islands are expensive. Consider getting all the supplies from outside and providing the levels of comfort and luxury as promised, those cannot be done cheaply. However, there are ways for budget-conscious travellers to plan and experience these resorts if you are keen. Plan for off-peak travel periods where the per-night all-inclusive rate is cheaper and covers food and drink, added to this the airfares are also cheaper during off-peak periods. The combination will work well. You may have to pay for alcoholic beverages apart from the low all-inclusive rate based on consumption.


Maldives is an Islamic Nation

Being an Islamic nation, there are strictly enforced rules you must be aware of. No alcohol is available in the cities or towns, one can consume alcohol only in a private resort and not in public places. Homosexuality is not endorsed. Both females and males must be properly covered when in public places. Swimsuits are not permitted in public places, only in private resorts. If you have chosen to stay in Male, the capital city or any other inhabited island be aware of these restrictions and demonstrate respect for them.


Liveaboard can be enjoyed while visiting the Maldives

Maldives has many liveaboard facilities such as localized cruise ships and houseboats etc which offer sea safaris around the waters and coral reefs to visitors. These liveaboards have many options to provide facilities similar to a resort even to the extent of instructors for surfing or diving, and even stewards and personal chefs as required especially if the client is using the entire liveaboard facility. This is a great value addition providing a different experience when visiting the Maldives.


You can explore other islands too

Although the majority of the resorts in the Maldives are situated on their private island, the archipelago has over 1200 islands inhabited as well as uninhabited. Therefore, exploring these other inhabited islands used by the locals is a great experience to get a feel of the local vibes. Similarly, hiring a boat from your resort island to explore an uninhabited island is also a profound experience to witness the tranquillity and savour total privacy as often enjoyed by guests at Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. Your resort will pack an exciting picnic lunch for this rendezvous.


Don't underestimate the sun's rays

Just as much as you love to bask in the sun to acquire that golden tan, don't fail to protect yourself with a good sunscreen, a waterproof one and touch it up constantly if you are outdoors when you are in the Maldives considering its proximity to the equator. Be sure to carry those charming sun hats, visors and other paraphernalia to protect your skin and eyes from the harsh rays.