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cPanel may seem intimidating at first, but it’s a lot easier to use than it looks. It’s not the only web hosting control panel you’ll come across, but it’s the most popular one used by more hosting companies. It lets you access important hosting features and configurations that would otherwise require technical knowledge.

cPanel Hosting Services, Domain Names Included

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cPanel User Documentation - 11.44 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Welcome to the cPanel & WHM 11.44 documentation home.
cPanel User Documentation
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This documentation describes the features of the cPanel interface.

Facing Some issues with Softaculous. | cPanel Forums

Softaculous is not working Properly so I ran some commands of reinstall and install but after that I face a error while opening Softaculous apps installer in CPanel...
This needs to be addressed by the creator of the plugin this isn't something cPanel would be able to provide assistance for.

Filemanager Mime Types from Apache instead of Linux | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

Currently, the filemanager displays mimetypes that are processed through the Linux system by /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Fileman/ It would make more sense to display Apache mimes instead, since users can add custom mimetypes in cpanel. This will provide a better overall user experience, and will display more accurate mimetypes.

Apache handlers | cPanel Forums

When any of my accounts exceed their bandwidth limit and they are unsuspended, I find that the user-defined Apache handlers have been deleted.

Apache Handlers

Apache handlers control how the Apache web server software manages certain file types and extensions for your site. Apache comes configured to handle HTML and SHTML files , CGI scripts and server-parsed files (SSI)

Error Pages, A Hidden Branding Opportunity | cPanel Blog

Create and use custom error pages to drive business goals. Custom error pages "404 pages" are displayed when a user enters a wrong URL, an outdated URL or when the user is not authorized to access a specific directory of your website.

Indexes | cPanel & WHM Documentation

Use the Indexes interface to define how the server displays a specific directory's index to a visitor, or to disable index display for a directory. When a visitor accesses a directory rather than a page on your website, the browser typically displays the directory’s index page. If no index page exists, the browser displays a list of the files in that directory

Aliases | cPanel & WHM Documentation

This interface lets you manage your domain aliases. Domain aliases are domains that you own, but which do not contain any content. Instead, they point to the contents of another domain or subdomain on your account. This is useful, for example, to hold a domain that you will later sell, or to redirect traffic to another domain.

subdomains | cPanel Forums

I have a subdomain set up in my cpanel. I can view my images at http://mydomain/folder successfully, but when i view at http://folder.mydomain, i am unable to view my images, rest is ok.
any help would be appreicated.

Tool that allows me to easily convert local addon domains into their own cPanel accounts | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

As a Reseller, I want a tool that allows me to easily convert local addon domains into their own cPanel accounts, so that I can easily split accounts with existing addon domains into multiple cPanel accounts.

Managing Multiple Domains From a Single cPanel Account | cPanel Blog

cPanel has made it easier to manage your domains in a single place. In this post, we will go over how to add another domain to your existing cPanel account.
This tutorial will require that you have a cPanel hosting account and have access to cPanel to add the domain.

Quick Start Guide to Site Publisher Templates | For Hosting Providers and Resellers | cPanel Blog

Many end-users are looking for a simple way of getting a functional site online as quickly as possible. In our latest release we introduced Site Publisher, a tool that can give your customers a live site in just a few clicks.

WP Toolkit is a management interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WP Toolkit is available in both a Lite and Deluxe version.

Track DNS connection timed out | cPanel Forums

Today I try the Track DNS feature in cpanel main page. I fill in the form a valid url, like - Removed -. The result tell me connection timed out. Could any body tell what is happened.

How To Configure a Cron Job | cPanel Blog

Learn how to automate server administration tasks with cron jobs and cPanel. We explain cron, the crontab format, and how to configure cron with cPanel.


A cron job is a Linux command used for scheduling tasks that runs assignments at prescribed times. These activities are referred to as Cron jobs, and they are typically used to optimize security management or management..

Dynamic DNS | cPanel Forums

Hoping someone can guide me on a simple request. I have a CPanel VPS. I currently have several "A" records pointing to different locations...

Dynamic DNS

This interface allows you manage your network devices without the need to constantly update the settings when ever the IP address changes.

The DNS Zone For Beginners | cPanel Blog

Learn about the basics of DNS, including A Record, CNAME, and MX entries. Also information on nameservers and SPF records and the fundamentals of how DNS works.

DNS Zone Editor

This interface allows you to modify your domain’s DNS records. These are files that contain the information about your domain, including which IP addresses it points to.

How To Redirect An IP To A Domain & Configure Domain Redirects In cPanel® | cPanel Blog

Learn how to redirect an IP to a domain in cPanel. We also cover domain redirects, domain forwarding, and adding new domains to your hosting account.

Introducing Glass: A New Style For Paper Lantern | cPanel Blog

You can switch to Glass the next time you log in to cPanel by selecting Switch to Glass in the banner on your homepage. You can change your style at anytime from Preferences > Change Style. Select Apply on the style you prefer.

Localization: More Languages, Better Quality | cPanel Blog

One of our goals is for cPanel & WHM to be a great experience for users worldwide. To achieve this goal we need to make some significant changes. Removing use of the LANG system means the translations we provide will also no longer function. All of the current translations will be updated. We are also expanding the list of supported languages to a total of 29: