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Beginner Friendly Tutorials For cPanel pg2

cPanel is designed to simplify the management of website hosting accounts. It lets you access important hosting features and configurations that would otherwise require technical knowledge. Create email and FTP accounts, add domains, backups, install open-source software, error pages, change style, contact information, user manager just to name a few.

File Manager | cPanel & WHM Documentation

File Manager

The File Manager enables you to administrate your website files directly with an intuitive user interface. Enabling easy file organization.
Upload, download, create, copy, move, update, edit, view, extract, compress, password protect, search, delete, restore Files, images or folders

Using cPanel Webmail for Branded Email Accounts | cPanel Blog

cPanel offers the ability to quickly create custom-branded email addresses. You can also use your cPanel server as a mail server. Read on to learn more about cPanel Webmail and how to login to check your email accounts’ inboxes

cPanel Blog

How cPanel’s sleek new interface paves the way for increased productivity across the web hosting industry. Introduction When cPanel launched their new interface Jupiter for websites

Enhance Email Filtering Options | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

For those who use it, the email filtering option is a fantastic feature that enables the user to ask the server to perform a certain action when email that matches a certain criteria are met. However, unlike other mail solutions, cPanel's solution is quite limited, so I would love to see some more options.

Import email | cPanel Forums

I understand that this question has been asked many times, but i have read this post Import emails from archive files on server and the solutions don't work for me. I have 2000 email in Thunderbid and I tried to transfer messages copying all files into Imap account, but Thunderbid periodically disconnects after 70 emails copied. Also I tried import a .Mbox file (500 MB) with Horde, but after many hours it didn't import anything.

Spam Filtering on cPanel: Everything You Need To Know About SpamAssassin | cPanel Blog

Learn how to configure SpamAssassin in cPanel, how to choose the best SpamAssassin Score, and how SpamAssassin identifies and filters unwanted email.

FTP manual configuration information | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

In the Manual Settings instructions for "Configure FTP client" that appear in cPanel of an account, the information for FTP username and FTP server should be editable. Mostly, the ftp server address is the same as domain/subdomain address but Cpanel adds ftp to the start of FTP server address

How to Configure and Manage Let’s Encrypt in cPanel | cPanel Blog

Learn how to manage and configure free Let’s Encrypt™ SSL certificates with the cPanel Let’s Encrypt plugin for automatic certificate requests and installation. The cPanel interface allows you to create, manage and save GnuPG keys. GnuPG keys use the public key approach for encryption

Autoresponders should ignore spams -- not reply to them. | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

Autoresponders should ignore spams

Autoresponders should not reply to messages that have been classified as spams, as indicated by the subject prefixes such as {Spam}. One way to accomplish this is to provide a filtering option that runs before messages are delivered to the autoresponder -- thus giving the cPanel user the ability to delete a message before it reaches the autoresponders.

Set default email routing for parked and add-on domain | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

As a cPanel user, I would like the ability to add a setting to default the email routing for parked or add-on domains to the domains they are parked to so that I’m able to use mail filters while MX records are set to an external host. My feature request would be to add a default setting so domains that we park or add-on would use the same EMAIL ROUTING than the domain it's parked on.

Customize disk usage and email quota emails | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

Need the ability to customize the email that gets sent out warning about disk quota and email quota.

Disk Usage

This feature allows you to view all of your mailboxes and remove old or large messages

How do you whitelist a domain in the greylisting interface? | cPanel Forums

We have a legitimate domain that is failing greylisting. The problem, as expected, is the domain is not always using the same IP address to send. In fact, it's quite aggressively changing the IP address but it's a legitimate service from a legitimate sender, and more importantly, going to a paying client of ours.

Email copy and forward rules | cPanel Forums

I believe I can copy email by setting up a forwarding rule, but how do I set it up to redirect email from one alias to two other aliases,
This E-mail Forwarding feature allows you to forward an e-mail from your domain e-mail address to another e-mail address.

The article provides a walkthrough of using the File and Directory Restoration feature. The feature works with the cPanel Backup feature. The File and Directory Restoration interface.
This interface contains two sections, Files and Directories and Backups. The Files and Directories section shows the files and directories that contain backups. The backups will appear in the Backups section.

Git Version Control series: What is Git? | cPanel Blog

What is Git?

Git is version control software. Whenever you change Git-managed content, Git records it and stores the history of every change you’ve made. Git was designed for the Linux kernel, and it’s great for software developers. That’s not the end of what it can do, though. You can use it for any project that’s stored as files, like web design or document storage

Backup Wizard | cPanel & WHM Documentation

Backup Wizard interface allows you to back up all or part of your website, or to restore it from the most recent backup file. Experienced users may prefer to use the Backup interface. For more information about what backup files contain, read our Backup Tarball Contents documentation.

backups | cPanel Forums

I have set up a Google Drive additional destination for backups. Setup went fine and everything worked. However, I only really need to backup one specific account/domain from my WHM to Google Drive. For all the other accounts, the built-in backups are fine. Is there a way to do this?

How to Manage your Hard Drive Space - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

This output indicates that the cpanel system's main storage device (/dev/mapper/LogVol00) in the root (/) directory uses 70% of its available disk space and contains 85 GB of free space. Examine disk space usage by file and directory. If your system currently uses too much disk space, perform the following steps: To determine which files consume most of your hard drive space, run the du command.

Groups for password protected directories | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

As a cPanel user, I want groups for password protected directories, so that I can manage large groups of members easily. Some users would really like having this

Images | cPanel & WHM Documentation

The Images feature allows you to modify (Thumbnailer, Scaler, Converter) images on your hosting account. To modify an image you must first upload it through one of cPanel’s file management interfaces: The File Manager interface. The Web Disk interface. The FTP Accounts interface. The Git™ Version Control interface