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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Top 5 underrated spots in Galle that you must visit in 2023 – The Unsung Hot Spots of Sri Lanka’s South!
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Top 5 underrated spots in Galle that you must visit in 2023 – The Unsung Hot Spots of Sri Lanka’s South!

Anyone who has been to Sri Lanka would have spent some time meandering down the streets of the Galle Fort and on the sandy beaches that outline the south of the city. Needless to say, there are lots more to discover and here is a list to get you started.


Moonstone Mines in Meetiyagoda

Located close to Hikkaduwa in the Galle district, lies this mine of semi-precious gems named moonstones. The Sri Lankan moonstone variety is renowned for its creamy white appearance with hints of azure. Moonstone mining has taken place for over a century at this location and the process is famed for being eco-friendly and sustainable as the methods of the ancestors have been followed. Visitors are allowed down the shafts to gain an experience in the mining process.


A Low Country Tea Factory

There are several to pick from such as the Walahanduwa, Captain Garden and Galle Ray tea factories. If you speak to the hotels in Galle that you would be staying at, they will arrange for you to visit one of these factories, understand how luscious green tea leaves are converted to tea bags or ground tea leaves and how a perfect cuppa can be poured. They then let you savour it with a thinly frosted, rich chocolate cake which is a divine combination. This excursion may require a few hours once you get to the chosen factory. 


Natural Silk Factory

Listen to an expert explain the metamorphosis of a worm to a yard of beautifully woven silk based on his practical experience. There are plenty of clothing items and accessories available for sale and they even do immediate alterations to suit you. Those who stay at hotels such as the Fortress Resort and Spa make their way to this factory cum sales outlet to buy both clothes for themselves and gifts. 


Japanese Peace Pagoda

Located atop the famous Rumassala Hill, the peace pagoda deserves a visit not only from a religious point of view but also for the whimsical views that can be seen from all around the pagoda. As you circle your way around the stupa, you will see the jungle, the Galle Fort, the bay and the Indian Ocean across the golden statues that line the periphery of the temple premises.


A Boat Ride in the Mahamodara Lake

With all the attention given to the Indian Ocean, many forget about the gorgeous waterways in the country which wind down from the centre of the country towards the ocean and the multitude of lakes that have been naturally created as the rivers flow. Either a canoe or a boat will take you on a journey of about 10 to 12km to watch the sunrise, explore the natural habitat of freshwater creatures, admire the mangroves and bask in the relaxation of soft water ripples. If you start just as the day is breaking, you will be back before lunch and can explore another unsung destination during the latter part of the day after a sumptuous Sri Lankan lunch.